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  2. Dwight Williams - LNW

    Torch Assay Folks

    Hi Folks, I'm a new member here but have been subscribing and watching the forum for many years. I've been seeing the decline in activity, so I thought I would join and help stimulate some activity, as long as my gold ain't' stolen while I'm here posting, all will be good. šŸ˜ I have been curious as to how many of you know of and use Torch Assaying? I trained under the late Charles Butler and have not seen hardly any indications, at least in public areas of people performing their own torch assays. It has been the most valuable asset in my bag of prospecting tools that I have to date and just wondering who else is using this invaluable process. Happy Prospecting, Dwight
  3. Scott Harn - Editor

    Small Miner's Amendment to NDAA

    Thanks Robert.
  4. Robert P Miles

    Small Miner's Amendment to NDAA

    I have just read the full text of the NDAA Proposal for the second time and urge all other members to do the same (at least once). Do try to get the word out to other small miners as to the outstanding work being done on our behalf. I am 74 and as excited as I am about the progress made, I am sorry to see that these agencies will be given up to two years in many cases to "right the ship". As with many of you, I have been fighting this wrong since 1994. That being said, I sincerely thank PLP, Scott Harn, and Clark Pearson.
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  6. Khrysos

    Reviews On Vortex Dream Mat

    We have had great success w/ mines in Australia actually eliminating their cyanide leach, because the Dream mats were capturing such a high % that what was left over to leach was unprofitable. Plus we are seeing huge success w/ beach miners who are feeling compared to the standard conveyor belt matting, its night & day. We have crusher companies mounting the crushers on top of the sluices & liquidizing the crushing in a single run getting great fine gold recovery. We have wash plants in Alberta reducing their cons w/ before finial clean w/ great results, reducing the finishing load by 10x. In short it has been very interesting to see the market acceptance of the Dream Mat in fine gold recovery.
  7. hardrockpaul

    Manganese Markets

    Chris : Thanks for the comments. I agree that the transport is the big issue. I know of several deposits on BLM that could produce big tonnage, but after dust and smoke settles good possibility that the transporter is only one that comes out on top. I think China buys it too, but on other side of the earth. Another possibility might be someone that uses it for something besides steel, and possibility of trucking to somewhere closer.
  8. Reno Chris

    Activated Carbon

    Yes, the ash can be treated with Litharge and the contained gold captured like in a fire assay. A process of cupellation will then free the gold from the lead. As you say that requires incineration and you definitely dont want something like a torch which will then blow away all the gold bearing ash, leaving you with nothing.
  9. Reno Chris

    Dawson City detecting

    Up higher in the creeks there far above town were some decent sized nuggets found in the early days but I am not sure about locations close to Dawson, and we dont know how far from Dawson you really are looking at.
  10. Honestly, I am confused by your question. There are some rare circumstances where private property does not include mineral rights and those mineral rights can be claimed as an unpatented mining claim. Normally this is on ranch land. However, the owner can prevent you from working the property as he has surface rights. My suggestion would be to first find out the actual status of the property first, then consider what the possibilities are. Many of these ranchers would not receive miners on their land easily.
  11. Reno Chris

    question on geothermal gold

    Most gold is carried in solution as a acidic sulfide solution. Sometimes calcite can neutralize the solutions enough to drop gold out of the solution, but also iron can displace the gold, and drop the gold out of the solution. Aqua regia is not a naturally occurring substance, so it cannot be the cause that dissolves gold in nature.
  12. Reno Chris

    Manganese Markets

    Manganese is a low price commodity, with raw ore values at only a couple of dollars a pound. Buyers are interested in large bulk sources of hundreds of tons, not really something a small prospector could supply easily. Most consumers of manganese in the US are associated with steel manufacturing in the eastern US, so long haul transport of the ore by rail would also be needed. This is why small operators just dont have the ore and capital to get involved with the manganese market.
  13. Reno Chris

    Mechanized or not?

    As far as the use of an electric demolition hammer, that is one that is so borderline that it would be something up to the local BLM authority to interpret. One of the difficult things about the rules and regulations is that they are vague and open to considerable interpretation. Some officials will interpret the rules generously and others will interpret them restrictively. If its something you want to fight over, talk to an attorney. If its something where you just want to avoid confrontation, do it quietly. If its something you want to know, as k the local BLM authority, but try to get it in writing, as you may find one official tell you one thing and a second official tell you something completely different. I'm not certain of the reference in an article you are referring to, but we have a number of issues on line and they can be researched to view more than a decade of back issues if you sign up for on line access.
  14. Reno Chris

    Recirculating Sluice

    How are things going with that recirculating sluice? I am about to try out one that I made myself.
  15. Metal Detecting an Old Homesite Join Jeff as he Metal Detects an Old Homesite looking for hidden Treasures. Hope you enjoy the video and Thanks for watching !!!! Jeff
  16. Like with many prospectors there always comes a time when seeking answers from those who have "been there", helps. While I'm in Arizona, these two questions may or may not be location specific. 1. In placer mining does the use of a small electric demolition hammer constitute mechanized earth moving when used for the sole purpose of loosening dried placer ground rather than by pick and shovel? 2. I remember reading here within ICMJ, something about digging in stream/creek channels and "high/low" water marks but cannot seem to locate the article or thread. As always, input would be appreciated and would not be taken as legal advice. I simply want a starting point when having a discussion with BLM AZ. Great magazine and wonderful people as well! DLDOYLE
  17. Hi All, I am new to this forum but have been a member for a while. I love all the hard work and good insights that go into this community. I thought I might start with a quick question on lease agreements. We are looking at proposing a placer mine lease here in Montana on private land. I assume that if it is unpatented that we need to work with the landowner and get a claim underneath it to start? My main question is does anyone have a good Lease agreement template for small acreage mining operations (2 - 5 acres)? If not, any guidance on how to prepare one of these would be greatly appreciated. Best, Nathan
  18. Recirculating Sluice Testing a Recirculating Sluice and the April Update on what we have going on . Sneak peek at our next video !!!! Hope you enjoy the video, Jeff
  19. Back when I spent a lot of time in the water, I had an APMA. As I recall, the application takes 5-6 weeks to get returned to you. So, send it off early. Be sure to include a sketch of the area that you intend to work. Might have changed, but I also remember calling the water board to get the water use permit.
  20. KenAslan

    Claim size

    I stand corrected, Thank you. for some stupid reason I thought it was more like 5 acres. I should have done the math. I know better than that. But alas, I am an electrical engineer, not a civil engineer.
  21. IdahoJim

    Claim size

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but 600 x 1,500' is actually 20.66 acres. Jim
  22. Ron K

    Small Miner's Amendment to NDAA

    Good call Robert, and thanks for supporting the fight! We need more like you.
  23. Doug M

    Claim size

    1500x600 is twenty acres im not sure what the regs are on lode claims if chris chimes in he will know
  24. KenAslan

    Claim size

    Just got an email from the infamous GRE (Gold Rush Expeditions) trying to sell me a Lode Claim here in Montana. (side note - nobody should EVER buy from them). The claim is a Lode Claim, however they state that it is 20 Acres in size. How can they do that? Please correct me if I am wrong, but as I understand it, the maximum size for a lode claim is 1500 feet by 600 feet, that is nowhere near 20 Acres. I am not an attorney in my mind this should invalidate any claim they are making as it is against the code of federal regulations (43 CFR Part 3832.22). Ā§ 3832.22 How much land may I include in my mining claim? (a) Lode claims. Lode claims must not exceed 1,500 by 600 feet. If there is a vein, lode, or ledge, each lode claim is limited to a maximum of 1,500 feet along the course of the vein, lode, or ledge and a maximum of 300 feet in width on each side of the middle of the vein, lode, or ledge.
  25. Panning for Gold on Butte Creek Rain can't keep Me and Gary ( Two toes ) from heading out to Butte Creek to look for Gold. Umbrella Weather for sure !!!!! Ladybugs, deer and Gold !!!!!! a group of Ladybugs is called a Loveliness Hope you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching !!!
  26. Thank you Scott and Clark for your untiring work on behalf of miners large and small. I will be ordering the book you referenced and calling my state rep. and my senators. I call on all PLP members and ICMJ subscribers to get the word out. Let's get some energy behind this. Bugler
  27. Winter Prospecting on the Feather Watch as Jeff does some winter Prospecting for Gold trying to get the jump on Gary ( Two toes ) on there yearly Gold contest !!! I only had a short window between storms so I took a short drive to the River in search of Gold. Thanks for watching the video I hope you enjoyed it, Jeff
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