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  2. Most of Elk creek that is on state land got worked pretty heavy, for one reason is that the old timers had enough room to divert the creek to one side and mine that material, then divert the water to the other side and get the rest. The better places to dredge are where the creek narrows in the canyon, also the gold gets concentrated better there because it doesn't get widely dispersed naturally. Another reason the narrows are better is because of large boulders which the old timers were less inclined to move, in fact most of the good paying ground I have found anywhere in Boise Basin had problems, either large boulders or lack of water. Dean who I spoke of had much of Elk creek staked on fed and state land a few years ago, but he was in bad health the last time I saw him, so I hoped you may have met him and maybe knew his status. He is a very nice man and would let you dredge his ground for the small fee of just showing him the gold that you found. My girlfriend is coming up from Marsing tomorrow so I think we will take a drive up there and have a look around. JD
  3. Yes, we are associated with some folks that have a state lease on some Elk Creek mineral claims. We've worked it for the last few years but have never really got on a decent pay streak. I think the Elk Creek bottom has been turned over a number of times and that's why I think it would be helpful if I had some insight to the history on how it has been worked. It would be good to hook up but I think we're done for this year as my weekends are booked until the snow flies. That being said, I think it would be hard to make any wages on Elk Creek unless you stumbled onto some ground that hasn't been worked. With regard to Dean, I've met a bunch of folks from the Northern Utah Prospecting association who camp above Elk Creek when they have a club event. I've ran into them two or three times. Not sure if Dean is one of them or not but last time I ran into them they were working claims owned by Puma Mining also on Elk creek. They were running a trammel operation and moving a fair amount of dirt given there were so many of them. In any event, lets keep in touch, JR
  4. Do you have a claim on Elk creek? Do you know Dean from Utah? I have really been out of touch on mining around here but have always liked the Elk creek area and I have some knowledge about it. Maybe we could hook up sometime, it would be fun for me too just get out and look around. I am in recovery from rotator cuff surgery and I am not trying to horn in on your operation or jump your claim, I just really enjoy gold mining and wish it would pay wages enough to call that my job but I haven't found that to be the case for me.
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  6. The claim is in the Boise National Forest. The former claim holder told me he didn't think power equipment was allowed. Is there a checklist I have to complete before this can be approved?
  7. I am a new claim holder. My claim has a road going through it but most of the claim is on a fairly steep hillside. I have asthma and have difficulty climbing hills. I'd like to cut a road to the top of my claim. Can I do this without being thrown into the gulag??
  8. Still work on Elk creek albeit a few miles further up from town. Wish I had some better history of the area I'm working as it would likely help my recovery.
  9. JR BOI, Yes too smokey to be outside doing much of anything. I moved here in 1980, back when there were "Old Timers" miners still alive and I was dredging on Elk Creek with a 6" dredge, just 1/2 mile north of town. How times have changed. In fact that is the reason I gave up dredging, because of all the insane laws. But I do hope you continue and have good luck.
  10. Hey Gambrinus, good to hear from you. You know we've only had the dredge out for 4 days once this summer up in the Idaho City area. In the four days We had a total of 16 hrs of dive time on the nozzle with limited success. Picked-up lots of mercury gold. Its been crazy busy for us and we plan to get back up there one more time but the Fire situation and air quality are so nasty we're not sure we'll make it back up. How long have you lived in the Idaho City area?
  11. What area are you working in Idaho and are you having any luck? I live in the Idaho City area, but do to medical issues I haven't been able to get my gold pan wet this year.
  12. The drill bit is a great idea!
  13. Thanks for the clarification. Jesse may have some questions after he looks this over but I think what you've provided will be enough for a millwright like him to go with! So appreciated.
  14. I have more pictures but I couldn't seem to get them to load, the pics that did load are of the 1-1/2" wood auger and the flange bearings, the other is the start of the housing which is either steel conduit or automotive exhaust pipe the auger goes into the pipe and then a hopper was built, the drive motor is a small gear motor that turns very slow I can check but if I remember correctly about 1 rpm, I use a rehiostat switch (ceiling fan switch) to adjust the speed of the auger, when I use it I screen the concentrates with a 12 mesh screen everything smaller than 12 goes into the hopper and across the table
  15. Wow. Very generous....thank you so much. I'll hand this over to my husband.
  16. 907AU, Nice work, that looks very functional.
  17. I don't know where to buy one but I built my own using a wood drill bit for an auger a steel hopper that holds about 5 gallons of concentrates and a small gear motor that turns the auger
  18. Thanks, Robert. We'll check out that source. A posthole auger would be much too large for what we need. It only needs to be about a 2" spiral just to feed our shaker table.
  19. Can you adapt a posthole augur? Here is a company that seems to specialize in augur systems. Don't know what they cost or if they might be suitable for your purpose.
  20. Looking for a small auger feed system for our shaker table. Any sources out there?
  21. No longer seeking a shaker table, thanks for the interest.
  22. Don't have it yet but will.... It is a 5 stamp and all there.
  23. Charlie Connell is the man when it comes to restoring and repairing stamp mills. I'm sure he'd be happy to answer any specific questions. I worked on the Donovan's Mill project in Silver City, NV with Charlie for a very short time, still learned a lot from him. Do you own a stamp mill? If so, we need pictures!
  24. Hello from the Mojave. I'm a hard rock miner interested in micro fine recovery and smelting. It's hot out here!
  25. Hello,

    I am a former video professional turned active lode miner in the Mojave. 18"x12" flail mill, 1k watt drill, 4 stack cube, about 800 lbs of crushed ore per trip in the cherokee. Interested in micro fine recovery, and smelting. Also looking for time on a concentrator table for a percentage. It's hot out here!

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