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    Lode Vs. Placer ?

    Are you suggesting that your idea that placer claims can be made over lode claims comes from some law known to you? Yet you refrain from sharing this knowledge? I have no problem with citing the law of the land. Being this is a Republic the law is by and for the people. There are no secret laws in a Republic and it is the right and duty of the citizens of the republic to know and discuss the law. The 1872 Mining Act Section 3: I've already shared one of the many Supreme Court decisions that firmly and consistently state that any valid location has an exclusive right to the locatable minerals within. It's a very old principle of law that the possessory interest of a mineral locator is valid against subsequent locators. This principle is much older than the 1872 Act. Here is the total text of the earlier 1865 Mining Act stating the very same principle: This is well established law. If you, or anyone else, believes otherwise it would be incumbent on you as Citizen's of a Republic to correct my cites on this very public forum. We all have a right to know and understand the law. I hope you will contribute what you may to this discussion of the principle laws governing mineral locations.