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    I plan IiIII think I'm going to have a very interesting season myself. Gonna be doing some dredgeing, digging with my mini / mini excavator & feeding a highbanker, then moving up one sde of my claim and clearing some timber and overburden to check and see if it's bench off like I suspect, and of course with all that I'll do some metal detecting as well. And of course haveing some fun along the way. Happy & Safe Digging to You All !!!!!!!!
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    It may seem awful cold now, but in time it will warm up. It always does. But yes, I've seen years when you couldn't get into the back country until after the 4th of July.
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    Chris, at the rate the snow is falling in your neck of the woods, it could be August before you get into the backcountry?
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    I'm going to get in the water when it warms up and do some sniping.
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    Dredgernaut, impressive trommel that you built. For the dirt we process here in Idaho and most of the dirt we've run through our highbanker, we'd need to have more water flow to clean the material in the hopper. Any way you can push more water through the hopper? Of course it would help the flow through the sluice box as well. Good luck. JR.