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  1. Better check with the District Ranger before building any road.......
  2. Don't have it yet but will.... It is a 5 stamp and all there.
  3. Yes, Chris, I just meant "function" as "in working order". For viewing only, not to crush ore. I do have a jaw crusher for that. I'll check that link out. Thanks
  4. Be nice to have one for display that actually functions. Not to specs.... just functions.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has rebuild any old stamp mills? If so, any pics?
  6. I believe at the operation adjacent to Nome, they are removing 50 feet of overburden and 10 feet or so of pay. Mine in the winter, process in summer.
  7. And what do you do to expose new pay? Where does the overburden go?
  8. Looks like you could throw the switch and it would run! Thanks Leonard.
  9. What is the mat/moss in... river sluice, highbanker, dredge sluice?
  10. Mechanical so it cannot be used for dredging in CA
  11. Just have to say that the Gold Prospect and Mining Summit in Placerville this past weekend was great and thanks to Scott, his wife and their group for putting it on. Thanks again........... till 2018
  12. water can be a problem. 2000 gallons wouldn't hardly make a dent in a good sized pond. you need a pretty good sized pond(s) or you'll be running mud in your box. It can be costly too. 2000 gallons delivered locally here(northern CA) is $200
  13. No, using bottled spring water. I read on a site for cleaning crystals that if you leave it in acid too long, it may turn yellow. Said to soak in water for a week.
  14. After a hour of boiling, the greenish tent is gone now. Just a yellowish tint left. That could be the silver fluoride? Now I just need something to turn the silver fluoride clear Thanks Eric BTW, I am well aware of the dangers of hydrofluoric acid... BAD STUFF!!!
  15. Yep, wrong spelling. I thought active ingredient in Whink was hydrofluoric acid? Which doesn't contain any of the chemicals you listed. At least that is what I get from the Whink site? Ok.. I think there two different Whinks. The one you got the info on is a powder. The one I used is a liquid.