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  1. I am enjoying reading these conversations. The presentations of your scientifically measured analysis of trial and error systems that you have and are trying is stimulating to our thoughts. Continue to strive to create a better system for in so doing you may suceed.
  2. Thanks for your input on this forum. It is appreciated.
  3. Geowizard. What you say is true for the existing GPRs that you know about! What I have is totally different in most all ways. Someday I may be able to share more details. The only one prototype unit I have, in existence, is still in R&D. We need to do more field testing and accumulate more documented history of performance before becoming public. Do you have a hard rock mine we could do some testing in? Polling? Doesn't seem like I have any responses yet. What is it worth to you if I could find 100+ oz. of gold for you that you didn't know you have been walking past every day in your mine tunnel?
  4. Computers have given us the capability to analyze huge amounts of data quickly, to make comparisons between collected raw data input with advanced collection methods, and to display results in near real time. This will give prospectors & miners the ability to perform many tests per day in the field. When the target area being tested is confined and controlled then small minute differences within the data collected becomes apparent where current GPR is to broad and uncontrolled and at best you might see some "contrast" but cannot discern any more that that.
  5. I am not working with the 16:1 mine but the prior GPR equipment developers.
  6. All responses are accurate as current configured GPR systems don't work. Simple physics makes it impossible. One of the pieces of equipment that was tested, with good results, at the 16:1 Mine in Alleghany I am currently evaluating. It is a new design that overcomes the operational shortcomings of current available GPR equipment. With further testing we may be able to detect specific minerals and metals by their signatures within their home environment. Currently am looking for varied environments to do further testing, so someday we may call it a metal detector too.
  7. Typing error: Methods for finding . . .
  8. I was leaning more on the word "detecting". Maybe then it should be under a new classification: Methods for find gold and other minerals.
  9. To the editor: I realize I probably started this discussion in in the wrong place. It should be under the Metal Detecting catagory. Can you move it and then erase this note? Sorry
  10. Can you use a metal detector inside a hard rock mine or it as worthless as GPR?
  11. Yes Gold Rush is drama but still fun to watch. What process or mechanics makes GPR different from metal detectors or what makes metal detectors different than GPR?
  12. Yes that was the episode I saw and was referring to earlier.
  13. When I referred to seeing radar, or something like it, being used on Gold Rush it was on a special episode on another miner in Alaska, not the main cast. And I won't put down anyone for trying as they have. I don't knock the old tried and true methods, they are good. But let's not ignore imagination and fail to explore and test new ideas or methods. Like has anyone use drones for maping or photography? What was your experience?
  14. Very very helpful information Geowizard. Thanks. Then what high tech technology is available to the modern miner today or has none developed because of the nature of rock, soils, terrains and territories, etc.?
  15. I don't know much about GPR. Just saw it used on Gold Rush and googled GPR and saw many responses. Asking if anyone out there has more knowledge than me on this topic and would care to share some? If an EDXRF (Energy Dispersive X Ray Flourescense) machine can decipher metals (by sight) why can't a radar (by energy waves) do the same? My poll asks the value the market would pay if someone could develop this type of system.