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  1. Good Luck to all who hope to reap the rewards of a strong runoff this spring. One recommendation; do not declare yourself as a "recreational miner". There is no protection under the 1872 Mining Law for "recreational miners". Consider yourself a "small miner". Only trying to make life a little easier out there. Chris, I think you will back me up on this. Bugler
  2. I'm with all of you on the holes! I had people "jumping" my claim and not filling in their holes! So, I put signs up indicating "under video surveillance" and it stopped. Of course that won't work over the whole of public lands. I just fill the holes as I come across them. I don't want the government to have another excuse to close us out. Glad you brought this up Chris. Great book "Fists Full of Gold" and I enjoy your web page. Bugler