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  1. Is there any way to use the coil not attached to the rod? could gold bug with 5" coil and that would be great if its possible to make an own handheld rod to use it.
  2. following the bedrock sometimes but there are so much rosty rounded stones so it can be hard to know if you've hit bedrock or not thats mainly why i want to use detector. and follow the walls and down the smaller holes in bedrock. main hole is about a meter then i dig from bedrock aboveand like 20-30cm 40-50cm in. Do not know what GB2 is, will check that out. How small are the smallest coil?
  3. biggest 0.22, 0,2, 0,11 and down (in grams). have tried some with the falcon just to try to sensitivity when i just had bought it (half a year ago).
  4. got one md20 but haven't tried it on fields yet.
  5. Is there any detector that can be used as "pinpointer" to find smaller gold pieces (less than a gram) too use to "clear out" holes before cover them? Would be great to have something small that still reaches maybe a few centimeters and easy to operate in smaller areas.
  6. Thank you. I've been member since april but haven't manage to use the forum here before. Found some stuff helpful here, going to read more and hopefully get more aspects than form the swedish forum and youtube videos.
  7. Some of my small nuggets found at our swedish associations gold diggers claim.