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  1. Thank you everyone. I am going to keep at it. I have found that less than a tablespoon in my pan and some creative shaking and snuffering works. Wow that ate up most of my day, lol.
  2. Mostly Central Texas mining districts. Any advice will be considered. Thank you
  3. Any pics of the gold or video? Is the gold flat or shapely?
  4. I took some to a local jeweler he confirmed it to be gold. Like I said it is very small and flat. 2 dimensional really. I am not opposed to a shaker table if I new it would work. That is a lot of money to waste.
  5. I live in Texas and the gold I am finding is very small flat flake pieces even powder. I am new to prospecting but it seems impossible to pan, it runs right out of the pan. I bought a blue bowl but even at super low speeds I watch the gold leave. I have built 2 water tables now, if the gold has some shape to it, it will stick to the table, however, most is very flat and just washes away. BTW I screen everything and run everything at desperate times. Screens are 30,50,100. I don't find many pickers, but I would like to capture all the gold I find. I am having a lot of fun but getting discouraged now because nothing seems to work. Hope someone can help