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  1. Oooh, I was close the Aussie almost took it out Well done Jasong! Fun game Chris, cheers.
  2. Chris must be busy trying to think of a good way to break it to the Yanks that they were beaten by an Aussie!
  3. It's been a great year if your an Aussie. Gold has gone up about $200 an ounce here to $1600. Don't know what caused our dollar to drop but hope it keeps going!
  4. Cheers Chris, will give that a try next time.
  5. 1.No 2.yes 3.yes 6.yes 8.yes 11.yes 12.yes 16. Yes 19.yes 21.yes 22.yes 23.yes 25.yes 28.yes
  6. I just stick a flat piece of copper in to recover the mercury, it will come out of the solution almost instantly.
  7. I only just spotted this thread, and just spent several hours reading it! You certainly would make a great writer Geowizard. It was very interesting to hear about all the difficulties you've had to overcome. That style of alluvial mining is basically extinct in Australia mainly due to environmental issues. Most of the mining I do is in the desert, but I do love getting out the highbanker and playing in the water when I get a chance. Good luck with next year.
  8. Thanks for the welcome Geowizard. Glad you liked the vids. I drink xxxx gold mate, that way if I don't find any nuggets I can get cans of gold out of my fridge! I'm in the process of upscaling my processing plant at the moment to handle 4 ton per hour, jaw crusher, ball mill, Knudsen centrifuge. Will do another video once its finished. I've got some drill intersects of 41g per ton on a new reef I'm working, should be good fun.
  9. Here's a video of how I make my amalgams. Edit - sorry, link doesn't appear for some reason
  10. When using mercury on alluvial gold concentrates, the residue/coating can be a problem and will stop the mercury grabbing the gold. To get around this you should add lye, basically a high strength oven cleaner. I use sodium hydroxide which is basically the same thing. Tumble it with 1 cap of NaOH and use distilled water for about 20min when using a small one like me, then empty that out, add fresh water and mercury and tumble again for 30min. I have not had much trouble with the mercury flowering, if it does happen I add some fresh mercury to help pick it up. When panning the mercury back out I always leave the last 100g of material and put it back into the tumbler with the next batch, just incase there is any that has not been pocked up.
  11. Hello All, I use mercury to process my concentrates from my Knudsen centrifuge. Mainly because it's heaps faster then other methods but also because if done right it gets everything. My material is from hard rock mining and has a wide variety of different sized gold making it very hard to get it all with other methods. I use a rock tumbler with a few 3/4" and 1" ball bearings to help mix and grind it a bit more. For 5kg of cons I put in about 2oz of mercury, but this depends a lot on the amount of gold in your cons. I tumble it for 1 hour, but half hour is usually long enough. I do not charge the mercury as I think it is unnecessary and a even greater risk to your health. It seems to work fine without doing it. If you always keep it underwater, work outdoors with ventilation and wear gloves etc, it is quite safe.