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  1. Clarify...the trenching and pits were above ground.
  2. Thank you, Chris. This claim is a lode claim. From what I'm told, my uncle did very little under ground, mostly trenching and small pit work. Before he passed he transferred interest to her. She was the sole holder. Thanks again for the info. Just trying to make sure I don't do something stupid and lose something that has a family attachment. Take care, Jim
  3. Chris, I am sorry for how I worded my original post. I am not staking a claim, I am receiving it from my aunt. It is more or less a gift. We paid her 5 bucks for it. She has no interest in the claim as it was my uncles . He passed several months ago . I do not know if it will be worth the effort and time involved, but it is interesting to me. And since my wife and I travel to the area yearly, I figured why not!I do thank you for the warnings and am in agreement with what you are saying. I've got a bit of studying to do, to say the least. Thanks again, Jim
  4. Thank you for the reply, Chris. Any help here, is really appreciated. All I meant by "when the claim is first registered or re-opened" was, is the County Recorder involved with the renewal process on a recurring basis . I knew that in transferring from one owner to the next (quitclaim) that the deed needed to be recorded. I just did not know if each year something had to be recorded with the county. The claim I am receiving is in La Paz County, AZ.....I am having a difficult time finding anything in regards to AZ mining law, something that I can understand - that is. What I had hoped, was that AZ had a publication along the lines of the California "Location and Validity of Mining Claims" book. Not that it is very clear (not the greatest layout for find the info needed). I have not found anything like it for Arizona. I thank you for the links you provided and am grateful for your help and time, Jim
  5. Howdy all, I'm sorry for this "new guy" question....I've looked around online and have not been able to come up with an answer.....hoping someone may help without rubbing my newbie nose in it too bad! Here's the deal, the wife and I are thinking about staking a claim of our own (our first, obviously). I understand the requirement to either pay the maintenance fee to the BLM or file for the small miner's waiver. My question is in regards to the county recorder's office (in whichever county claim is staked). Does anything need to be done through the recorder's office on a yearly basis? Or is this only when the claim is first registered or re-opened? Is it only the $155 per claim to the BLM or is there added cost to the county, yearly? Thanks for your help guys (or gals). I'm trying to make sure that there are no surprises as I tally up our projected costs involved. Take care and thanks again, Jim