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  1. thank you. yes shes not exactly quiet lol.
  2. yes sir. will be putting screen in trommel shortly and testing it at my buddys creek. I will post pics or video here for sure.
  3. thank you sir. yes its running a little faster than idle as I was warming it up. the guy in the background is my uncle. he was helping me work on it and fell off onto trailer then rolled off onto ground and broke 4 ribs lol. now he knows never to try to hold a piece of steel plate above his head while standing on a upside down, empty, lidless 1 gal paint can.
  4. thx for the help with video. its up in new thread. sry took so long lol
  5. thanks to you and Greg from Heckler Fabrication its 90% done! thank you both for answering all my questions and posting photos. when I get it to the claims ill bring you guys back a token of my appreciation. I based this off of Hecklers 3610 washplant.
  6. hey thx chicken miner. ive done exactly that but to no avail lol. not real sure im not already using the advanced reply because I don't see the option for it anymore. i get all the way to pasting the link in the box, then hit ok but it just sits there and does nothing, like its locked up. I shall continue to try.
  7. ok thx. im going to give it a shot. well its a 119mb mp4 video but it wont let me add it.
  8. would like to know how to post a link to a video in my photobucket acct. tried several times with photobuckets copy and paste using html and direct but nothing will paste. thx in advance.
  9. Wow superb photos. Thank you very much for taking the time to give all this info. I hope to have my washplant ready and tested by second week of Sept roughly. Then the trip to Arizona. Hopefully she will run well for at least a few weeks then I will upgrade afew things lol
  10. wow great pics and thank you very much. ill list the questions I have and try to make it short lol. I know your busy. 1. are you running this op by yourself 2. how on earth did you cut those sprocket segments? ive got a small handheld plasma cutter but doubt I can cut that right unless it doesn't have to be spot on. 3. what is the thickness of those segments? im going to try to use 100h chain 4. do you recommend o ring chain? 5. do you use a grizzly or run it all? 6. would love a shot of your water entering your hopper set up, when you get a chance 7. is your barrel screen mesh the "welded" woven mesh type? 8. are you using a type of gear reduction? im going to use my Honda 9hp motor that has a built in 6 to 1 gear reduction that I hope will keep my rpms slow enough without pillow blocks and jack shaft type setup. it runs max 3600rpm. going to rig up a cheap belt to test the rpm when I get my casters set and barrel on. 9. well that's all I can think of so far lolol. no hurry, and thanx again for the pics and info. saving me a lot of trial and error, and maybe some other folks too.
  11. hello all. been reading your forum for some time and now have a question but weeder57 seems to have the same issue as i. my barrel is 12ft long and 42 inch diameter but only 1/4 inch thick. I was hoping sir chickenminer could post some pics of his segmented sprockets for chain drive and maybe some info on how he obtained them. no way I can afford to have a full diameter sprocket custom built right now. so any pics and details would be awesome. of course when u have time. ill be using my washplant in the desert near Stanton Arizona in the sonoran desert. obviously have to recirculate. thx for a great informative site.