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  1. We're researching options for a mining site in Alaska. There are no main roads so we'll be barging in all of our equipment - including the raw materials for buildings. We've been looking at some portable fabric buildings like these as well as the option of building standard structures with lumber. I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts one way or the other with these two types of buildings. Looking forward to getting out there and getting started.
  2. Maybe someone makes a rocket stove that can run on waste oil? A friend of mine worked at a mining operation in Saskatoon a few years ago. They burned waste oil to heat their fabric mining buildings. They supplemented this with a few portable propane heaters. Of course, this wouldn't be an issue if you're mining operation is in Chile!
  3. Wow. That is pretty cool! Old-school technology. Looks slow but effective.
  4. I've seen one operation use these little tarp-covered buildings for maintenance sheds and storage buildings. Seemed to work pretty well as far as holding in the heat. Alaska Structures.