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  1. Mark Said: I did pick up a second mono coil; going with Nugget Finder's new 13x17 inch Evolution model coil. My initial opinion of the coil is that it's remarkably sensitive for it's size. Mark, David, I haven't been back to this website in a while but I also purchased the NuggetFinder Evo 13X17 and also the Evo 14X9 coil but won't get to any goldfields till July something. I like the look and build of those coils and suspect they will work great. The Evo 14X9 though was hard to find and I lucked out in getting one and are probably still pretty rare here in the States right now. Terry
  2. Gambrinus, Sorry, I thought you were were new at this but see you are an advanced member so I apologize as I am sure you were probably already aware of the info I provided. Terry
  3. Gambrinus, I have not heard that name is years. Do they still make that brand of Beer? I can still remember a bit of the jingle I heard on TV as a kid. The TDI is a pulse induction metal detector like the Minelab and probably not a bad choice. Pulse induction detectors have no real problem with mineralized ground. I owned a TDI at one time and liked it. But I had a Minelab GP detector and liked it better. However these days you can get a GPX model 4500 to 5000 for under 3k if you look around. I just think they are a more powerful and versatile machine than the TDI. However the majority of Metal detectors out there are Not pulse induction but are VLF detectors. VLF detectors do struggle with mineralized ground but have the capability of discriminating between targets which for the most part the Pulse induction type of detector cannot not do, so you just dig everything with a pulse induction detector. Some VLF detectors can handle some degree of mineralizaton especially one's designed for Gold prospecting but even the best will be limited in depth due to mineralized ground compared to a Pulse induction metal detector. Some areas are so littered with iron junk making it very work intensive to find anything worth keeping. In those areas a VLF detector is really nice to have. You will still dig some junk but it becomes more manageable with a VLF. Hope this helps, Terry
  4. Mark, I like your choice of the 8" Mono as an all around coil. It fits in pretty well between the vegetation, is pretty light, pretty sensitive and deep enough for most work. I would find a used joey for tighter spots or for any work in creekbeds ect as they are waterproof at least the newer one's are and they are very sensitive on very small gold. Get one of the new 14 or 16" Coiltek Elite mono's for deep targets and is pretty sensitive as well per reviews I have seen and respect.
  5. As you know if you are finding small shot you can find gold, just a matter of getting the coil over a piece but as you know, easier said than done. Kinda like the realtors say, Location, Location, Location. A friend of a friend told me he thought the Reservoir had dried up. Do you know if that's true or not? If it did or ever does I would think the old lake bed would be good place to try? Are you a member of any prospecting club in the area or are there any in that area that you know of? Terry
  6. Rick, Wish I could help you but haven't been there since 06. The area I was in then was getting hit hard so not sure how good it would be at that particular location anyway. Not sure I could even find my directions. How is that ATX working out for finding Nuggets? I had considered getting one but ended up with something else.
  7. As to a pin Pointer, I like the Whites Bullseye TRX. It has several great features - Waterproof, used double A or 9V batteries, the coil is in the tip not on the sides so it makes pinpointing easier and is good for about 4" in depth. Terry
  8. Attached are pics of some Rye patch gold from 2005. I had one very lucky day with A GP 3500. Terry