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  1. So Chris, I am crushing 4" rocks with a GS5000HD Gold Stryker Impact Mill, and coming out with 30- material lots of it 100- then. Washing it thru a 12" trommel and 8ft of Gold Hog matting. At the end of the sluice I have a 5 gallon bucket to catch any heavy material and runt that thru the spiral wheel. Only way I have found to run gravity to recover my micro gold. Think I may be over crushing? Thoughts?
  2. A neighboring mine has been using the micro blasting inside their mine to do further excavation. They seem to get farther hand drilling and chipping.
  3. We are using the BW gas alert clip on unit. http://www.honeywellanalytics.com/en/products/GasAlert-Extreme
  4. Eric, I have been thinking about the liner in a pond. But how to clean out the muck from the liner. Or, dump into a catch tub 1st then into the pond. Still will have some muck to clean out later. I'm using two larger tubs now as Peter stated. and catching into a smaller clean out tub directly below the end of the sluice, that I clean out when it is full. Still we get a layer of muck to clean out in the last tub.
  5. How are you planning to clean out the 1st trough after you've run a lot of dirt?
  6. Looks like their website has changed. No Trommel pictures. Here's mine http://s1184.photobucket.com/user/rabbitt46/media/2013-05-04_15-39-01_25_zps166d1f15.jpg.html http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z337/rabbitt46/2013-05-04_15-39-13_22_zpsd2293b08.jpg
  7. Mercury can also be in its natural state in the water (rock form). I have heard of people seeing liquid mercury in the water but I've never seen it.
  8. Yes. And I do not use any petroleum products on my gold recovery systems.
  9. OK, power jet. Same hose everyone uses. Spiral outside and smooth inside. Same hose I use on my 3" High banker.
  10. Ok, maybe I wasn't clear enough. I am installing a new spiral suction hose that goes inside the metal sleeve that connects to the vortex, to suck up the gravel. My concern was since it is spiral and has spaces around it it may suck air.
  11. Installing new suction hose on 2 1/2" dredge. Do you just force the hose into the metal end or use some sealant?
  12. Lawyers need MONEY. How much can you afford? Seems to me $100 is not too much to donate to PLP, its a lot cheaper than trying to fight city hall by yourself.
  13. Been having my testing done with an XRF machine. Paul Noll out of Talent, Ore. He is a miner there and gives good feedback.
  14. The environs are claiming all this cold and moisture is a sign of Global Warming?? Go figure.
  15. Still using my Sure aka gold after all these years. 2003? WOW how time flyers. Must be having too much fun.