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  1. I never thought of it that way, it does make sense. I'll look at it from that perspective. Thank you!
  2. The 42" is continuous. To be honest I've never seen a jig you clean out at the end of a shift? The one I have is the IRD with a valve at the bottom. I set it to dribble a somewhat continuous stream of concentrate.
  3. Gentleman, What I want an estimate on is the concentration ratio of the amount of material entering the jig compared to the amount coming out of the hutch. This could be expressed in tons or cubic yards. I know it depends on several factors. That said what I was hoping to get is what others may have already had in past experiences. Strangely enough several manufactures claim the same concentration ratios, as defined below. Specifications 30" 30" 42" 42" Rougher Cleaner Rougher Cleaner Capacity (YPH) 10-15 5-6 20-30 10-12 Maximum Feed ½" ⅛" ½" ⅛" Concentration Ratio 300-1 100-1 300-1 100-1 What I’m trying to determine is weather I will need a finishing jig in my circuit. Here’s what I am working with: A trommel with a 30-35 ton per hour capacity. A 42” rougher jig with 3/16 bedding. A cleaner jig, size yet to be determined based on the output of the rougher. A finishing jig, if needed, depending on the final amount of concentrate received from the cleaner jig. I have a Goldtron table that from experience will process about a eighty pounds of -1/8” concentrate per hour. If I run a 100 yards through the Washplant I estimate about 70% material across the jig (1/2” minus) of 70 yards. Converting to weight I estimate 1 ½ tons per cubic yard or 70 x 1.5 = 105 tons, According to the manufacture I can expect a 300:1 concentration ratio out of the rougher. So based on that I expect 105 tons / 300 = .35 tons or 700 lb.. The cleaner jig is expected to have a 100:1 concentration ratio, so if I run the 700 pounds through that I would anticipate a final product of 7 pounds. Can anyone confirm ratios anywhere near these?
  4. Past experience make me a little wary of manufacture production estimates. I'm hoping others on the list might have some real world experience that could give me a realistic estimate.
  5. I’m trying to estimate the concentration ratio of jigs from a placer plant with a ½” screen. The rougher will most likely be a 42” with 3/16 bedding followed by a cleaner jig with 1/8” bedding. Any input would be much appreciated.