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Found 5 results

  1. Howdy folks! After my previous bout and serious loss to a Whites GM2,Im currently just a few weeks shy,again, of a very important and scary(for me)purchase.The good old "whats the best detector for everything, ever?"question has fallen on me.After gruesome amounts of research,countless nights spent reading my eyes bloody and days spent listening to anyone who would give an opinion,I think Ive finally come to a decision.1 thing Ive found over and over in my research, is that the goldbug2 seems to be an all around great gold detecting unit.Though it may have its limitations in certain areas,people who own goldbugs really enjoy them and aren't shy to vouch for their effectiveness. Aside from that,they have been proven time and time again to be an excellent piece of equipment to add to any mining arsenal. On the other hand,in all this certainty about the proven goldbug2, lies a concern (and the source of all my lifes worries),the very thing that handed me my previous nasty "whoopin". The stinking,the oh so dreaded, hot rock. Now I'm not one to complain but a good day with the ol GM2 held hot rocks every few steps.(Which is not the GM's Fault)but day after day,every few steps.I got very discouraged but kept at it.Finally,a while down the road, with nothing but more of the same going on,I let the GM2 go. I still fill like less a man for it too. So now Ive arrived at my decision and here I am looking forward to purchasing a detector that is not the best at hot rock discrimination.I just cant,at this time afford anything in the realm of a gpx, which I know would do me great in these highly mineralized soils and hot rock concentrations.But with a budget of less than a grand,the goldbug2 just seems to be a sturdy champ for the price.A no lose machine. These days Im feeling, and really always have felt, with the necessary dedication,detecting for gold is a very viable way to gain not only gold but valuable information about areas and the way gold works within them.I really really enjoy detecting and always find myself craving a trip out to look for and dig, anything I can.Ive realized that I just have to buckle down and put the time in to learn this thing inside out. Quit being in such a hurry and take my time to learn right.Take the time to really really learn the tones, as any successful detectorist has.Ive also found some common sense somewhere and decided to maybe move to a location not so infested with hot rocks and try my hand in a easier to learn,less mineralized area.I have acquired some good ground in a very different part of Alaska and I'll be mining it this season.Cant wait to get a detector on it. I will post my results as well as video of the hunt ,issues I may be having as well as soil conditions as the mining season gets underway.I wrote this in hopes that it may help someone,somehow,sometime.I would also like to thank you all for your contributions to the abundance and wealth of information I was able to dive into.Information that for the most part was very educated,honest and real.
  2. Geowizard

    Moore Creek Geology

    Moore Creek has a long history of placer gold production. - Geowizard
  3. Howdy all, My name is Erik, and I'm obsessed with gold prospecting. I have been prospecting a few years, and making some videos of my trips. Here's the links to a few videos below. I work out of the California motherlode. If any of you want to talk prospecting, or go on a Goldventure please message me. May your pans be golden! Goldventures - Whitewater Gold http://youtu.be/jOLSHRBWlhE Goldventures - Sneak Peek Explorations of Whitewater http://youtu.be/rl1iDgJHuIs Goldventures - Explorations of the Mother Lode http://youtu.be/u4W5zpuQDf0 Check out YouTube channel under Goldventures or EriktheProspector to see more. Subscribe and join the fun if you feel like.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua7LFiTOHNk Link to a good prospecting video. it was filmed in Utah and there will be more to come. Subscribe to the channel to get updated video content
  5. We had a great hunt! finally! and we got it on film. On this episode of Dirt Fishin America Dr.Tones and Pickhead metal detect a historic property for big silver coins while Dirt Digler and wife scout some ghost towns and mining camps for an upcoming episode. The civil war relic they find will surprise you! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to "like" and subscribe.