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    JR BOI

    Epa Shuts Down Idaho Rivers To Dredgers

    I guess I should have mentioned that not only is dredging prohibited on the rivers I mentioned above but the permt also states that "Placer Mining" is prohibited as well. I'm not certain how far the EPA will take this and I highly doubt they have the resources to enforce the regulations but I would assume taht that means panning as well? What a fricking mess.......
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    The Hanging Flume

    I came across this on the net. Its a flume, built on the side of a cliff, literally. Just goes to show you how tough the old timers were. Pretty amazing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanging_Flume http://coloradopreservation.org/programs/endangered-places/endangered-places-archives/hanging-flume/ http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_20393944/121-year-old-western-colorado-mining-flume-clings "When the flume was originally built, an estimated 25 men worked three years to build the 10 miles of hanging flume on the cliff"
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    The Hanging Flume

    I live not too far from the flume. There is a video tape, which was produced by a historical society, on its construction in my town's library. All the iron supports were custom constructed on site. The traveling forge would be situated above the active construction location at the brink of the canyon's cliff, measurements taken and the specs passed up, and finished iron lowered back down. After the attempt at placer mining failed, the (resourceful) locals climbed up the cliff wall to the suspension to scavenge saw lumber.
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    Wow, Ill agree with Clay on this one. What a crock of crap I would like to see how the first court case goes!! I think I am just going to go full on outlaw this year and if anything comes up I will fight it in the supreme court as a clear violation of my rights. Justin. Clay give me a call when you get a chance.
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    Epa Shuts Down Idaho Rivers To Dredgers

    They are as bad as the forest circus.
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    Epa Shuts Down Idaho Rivers To Dredgers

    This is all nonsense from the EPA. I'll go into more detail later but here are a few points to consider: 1. The EPA is not in charge of permitting dredging on navigable waters of the United States, the Army Corps of Engineers is. The EPA just got spanked by the Supreme Court for interfering with the Army on their duty to administer dredge and fill. The EPA tried to void an existing permit from the Army the court told them to F* OFF. The Courts will not be pleased to hear about the EPA continuing to push their nose in their bosses business. 2. Dredge permits are for taking material from wetlands and placing it elsewhere. Gold "dredging does not "displace" material according to several recent court decisions. 3. The NPDES permit system is for permitting "point source pollution" from outside the waterway. In-water gold dredging is neither "pollution" under the law nor is it a "point source". It seems the EPA has determined that gold dredgers in Idaho are an easy mark. Despite many court cases over the last 14 years, including several Supreme Court decisions, telling the EPA they just don't have that legal power they continue to pick on the little guy in hopes of finding some way to do what Congress and the courts have told them they can't do.
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    Ronald C

    Last Summer in Alaska

    I am getting back to Alaska this summer after missing out last year due to too many obligations and needing to build a hovercraft. Set for this year so I will be on the 40 mile for 5-6 weeks. Not long enough though.