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    The hoist winch isn't real fast to begin with. It started running even slower and then it quit altogether. I checked the drum switch, a cheap plastic job, to see if it was the problem. It was. Several times the winch line got bound on the spool and raised the amperage so high that some of the plastic melted and caused one of the contacts to get misaligned. I had another switch and pulled some parts off it to repair the damaged one. It worked fine for a short while but them the winch quit running again. This time I suspected the winch to be the problem and upon testing, found that to be the case. I removed it from the head frame, stripped the wire rope from the spool and disassembled it. At first glance nothing appeared wrong but on further inspection I discovered 7 of the 8 magnets that line the outer can had come unglued and were moved out of their normal position. Not only that but one of the magnets broke in two pieces. When I went to repair the damage I found that each side of the break was a North pole and the pieces did not want to be put together. I put super glue on one side and it took about all my strength to push the two halves together and hold them without moving for over a minute. It held! Now I had to clean all the magnets and glue them back place with JB Quick weld. I finally got it all back together and put the power to it. It worked. More tomorrow.
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    No one is perfect and BIG boulders do get by and ruin equipment,seen it 1,000s a times. In Carson City behind the airport off conestoga is/was a huge trommel builder who I visited regularly as ran a plant periodically 2 doors down. He was constantly repairing abused equipment from running too big a boulders through them. The direct proportional ratio of weight/size in conjunction with the of rate of spin magnifies the g forces expotentionally smashing into the barrel agitators. This effect is EXACTLY akin to hitting a wall at 5 mph in a vw vs a mack truck.All the ops on ak show killed washplants that a way or was that staged too hahaha yep never happens-John