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    Detector Purchase A Must.

    I was pinned against sort of this same thing today, I knew I wanted a Fisher Gold Bug,, But 2 or Pro was my question... I liked the power and the price for the Gold Bug 2, but I found it to be more advanced than I wanted for my first quality detector. I am a novice in every since of the word and I felt I would spend more time fidgeting with the knobs and doing a lot more guesswork than actually metal detecting. So I decided that even though this may be the better machine for finding small nuggets at larger depths, this was not the detector for me. So I decided on the Gold Bug Pro, which ended up coming with 2 coils, the 5" and 5" x 10" ... I liked the ability to identify the signals and depths visually VS no Display at all on the Gold Bug 2 Being a Noob, I think I made the right choice...lol