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    K Rose

    Plans For "roller Crusher"

    I'm with Chis on this one. If you are already @ 1/4 " , the chain crusher that he is talking about will make short work of taking your material to minus 100 mesh and smaller. Mine is the one that takes 4" and smaller. Only problem that I've had is with really hard ores but with you starting at 1/4" , it will chew up and spit out practically anything you throw in it.----K Rose
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    Reno Chris

    Plans For "roller Crusher"

    The problem with a roller is that it is really not a good choice for taking material down to small sizes for extracting free gold. They wear across the middle where the rolls come together and form a gap. Then pieces larger than you want to have come out of the crusher will pass through the wear gap. They are hard to reface because they need to be round, where refacing Jaw crusher is not that difficult if you can weld. I have the same situation - a small jaw and I want to take the material down to a smaller size for processing. I bit the bullet and bought a small impact crusher from one of the advertisers in the magazine. I am glad I did as it really does the job for taking it the next step down in size. The smaller ones are reasonable in price and the wear chains are easily replaceable. See: http://www.makeyourowngoldbars.com/rock-crushers