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    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    My research seems to have brought me to the same conclusion as Steve stated above. But i do believe in 20 years, gold will be way way up.I think holding onto my gold is gonna be the best bet for me.
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    artic gold

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    Don't forget about Golds little brother Silver.. When I was a kid working at a gas stations we sold full service gas for around $.25 to $.35 a gallon. So way back then in the 60's you could buy a gallon of gas for about one silver quarter. Well here we are 2014 and that same silver quarter will still buy you about a gallon of gas. Another interesting ratio on Gold and Silver. A $20 gold piece was about an oz. of gold and the Silver dollar was a little over 3/4 oz. So the ratio was about 15 oz. of Silver =ed about 1 oz. of gold. Today the ration is very different. It takes about 65 oz of Silver for the 1 oz of Gold. So if you go back to these ratios Gold would be about $350 oz or if gold is correct silver would be $88 an oz. Of course none of this makes any difference but to me I don't mind keeping some Silver in the can with the Gold. Small Silver coins may be very handy to buy yourself a loaf of bread some day.