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    New videos up! Short but eye popping! 1 scoop of the Bering Sea floor Looking for love | Seas Lion comes around daily to get his piece of the dredge hose. He is infatuated with it. Quick peak from aboard the barge. Small cleanup 2 weeks 30 ounces.The season got much better later! Thanks for checking out the video.Subscribe on youtube if you havent already!
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    Eric N


    A Trash-80 and a Commodore VIC-20. Used both, but never bought one. Yah, those were the good old days ... Not really. I started on a IIe at the Ft Richardson Library and finally bought a turbo XT clone. Which I still have. You really don't need a microcontroller for a T-R. 2 transistors can generate the radio signal with the audio riding on top. The PICs from Microchip are great little MCUs, but the Arduino is getting a large following. But I still have several 16C54 and 16F84 PICs on the shelf. Have to admit I'm still fond of BASIC. Where MCUs really shine is for PI detectors. You can change the pulse repetition rate, pulse duration and sample delay with good software and do your selecting with a switch. Much of the programming needed can be cut and pasted from programs posted on the web. A great resource for programming of MDs can be found on the Geotech forums. For PI, look to Eric Foster on the findmall site as well as the Geotech site. And yes, older books have far more meat and less fluff. My college chemistry manual was written by Linus Pauling and his brother. Some of the content would horrify many in today's liberal academia. Although a little shy on circuits, "The Metal Detector Handbook" by LeGaye and the "Official Handbook of Metal Detectors" by Kortejarvi really get into the physics of metal detection. Good stuff that you won't learn in college. Let me return you all now to the regularly scheduled programming. eric