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    Here's a video taken at a public prospecting area close to where we worked back in 1980.
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    Oregon Gold Mining Standoff With Blm

    This is about mining claim surface rights on a pre 1955 mining claim. Not sure why so many folks want to get all militant? The BLM has been heavy handed there for quite a while but threatening violence won't make the BLM do their jobs better and it won't get the injunction that is needed by the miners. It's a simple matter for the courts to sort out. Properly handled in court it's likely the miners will be victorious in a short time. I guess for some folks firearms are less scary than courts?
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    Rod Seiad

    Federal Mining Claims And Water Rights?

    The either/or definition is ultra important today. In 1872 our relatives needed to be protected from unreasonable interference by anti-mining factions in America. Act or law needs to be defined by our highest court. It isn't a matter of erasing or changing it's meaning when enacted in 1872.......it's about ensuring miners' viability in an ever changing society. We miners require protection. "Rules, laws and acts are a necessary part of a society. In order to ensure the smooth running of the society, it is important that everyone knows what a person can do and cannot do. It helps everyone be treated as the same under the law. The laws and rules ensure that each individual must follow a set of guidelines and if/she ends up breaking any of those rules they must accept the consequences no matter their social standing or position. Acts and laws are actually more connected and can be considered as the same thing. However, some people may argue that they are different. Acts are what give birth to laws. Confused?" We feel that the 1872 Mining Act is at this moment being tested in real time. The need in 1872 was no less important than now. The total value of the 1872 act has grown to be the essence of forward thinking. I can't imagine what our small-scale opportunities will evolve into if we trash the original 1872 act/law. I believe miners can prosper if the 1872 protective measures are respected.