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    Miners working a bench along the Fortymile river, just below the mouth of Smith creek, had to use a ditch and then a flume to carry the water from one side of the river to the other. Quite an engineering feat with shovels, axes and whipsaws !
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    Great topic. Around here the ditch companies made a much better profit than the miners ever did, there are over 100 miles of ditches in the Boise Basin District. Ditches don't always parellel the creek, there was a hydraulic operation in Idaho City, that used water from two creeks. The old timers didn't start digging ditches just because pumps were expensive, they dug ditches because they did not have portable pumps, like we have today, even a small pump back then was made out of so much iron that you would not want to keep moving it.
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    Starting A Placer Mining Operation

    I do. Having decent ground is the answer. All the hard work in the world isn't going to bring you a good clean-up if the gold ain't there !