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    I have to be honest, I’m real disappointed with the lack of activity in these forums over the last 18 months. I still believe the ICMJ website is the best resource for recreational and smaller-scale prospectors but we lost a lot of folks who were very passionate and active in posting. There were feathers ruffled at times but none the less the dialog was solid. I don’t have an answer or ideas for bringing this place back to life but I’d like to challenge folks who may be “lurkers” on the site to come forward and share what your 2017 prospecting plans are going to be about. There are excellent resources on this site and we simply need a little fuel to get things rolling again. Hope to hear from more of you! JR
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    Reno Chris

    California Flooding

    Its been a real tough time for residents, but the floods in California should make for some great prospecting this summer. The photos below show flooding on the north fork of the Yuba River in the Downieville area. Chris
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    Yeah boys, you can't let these forums die as it would be a shame that one of the foremost publications for prospecting doesn't have an arena for prospectors to meet, trade ideas and gain insight. I'm glad you guys have decided to take another run at it. Maybe you look for some outside perspective as a means to generate more traffic, i.e., great use of social media platforms, direct linkage in your publications to forum content, maybe a classified forum for selling of used recreational prospecting equipment etc. Maybe it's time for some benchmarking across other industry publications to see what they have done to drive traffic in their forums? Please let your readers know if there is anything we can do to help.
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    Chris Ralph and I were just discussing that last night. About a year ago we were having problems with people using the forum for spamming and advertising, and it was very difficult to keep a handle on it. We were going to let the forum die a slow death. But we have reconsidered. There's a lot of good people on here and some past info that many still read because it's "good stuff." And we think we have solved a few of the problems with spammers. The forum was recently overhauled/updated on January 11, 2017, and we seem to have the spammers from China and Russia blocked for good now. (We'll see if that lasts.) We will still have to manually delete the advertisements and block the accounts of users who fail to read the terms of service or can't resist posting promotional material. Chris is going to put the word out that we are back, and would appreciate your help doing the same. Thank you very much for your support and your comments! Scott