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    Claim size

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but 600 x 1,500' is actually 20.66 acres. Jim
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    River Detecting for Gold Nuggets

    Thanks, Jeff, and Congratulations on a nice nugget, and beating Gary....LOL Jim
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    Been a lot of years, but I took my daughter there once. Chris
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    Reno Chris

    Torch Assay Folks

    Torch assays can be a rough,ballpark type of tool in estimating precious metals concentrations. They will not be accepted by companies looking to purchase any claims you have staked.
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    Recirculating Sluice

    Recirculating Sluice Testing a Recirculating Sluice and the April Update on what we have going on . Sneak peek at our next video !!!! Hope you enjoy the video, Jeff
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    Reviews On Vortex Dream Mat

    We have had great success w/ mines in Australia actually eliminating their cyanide leach, because the Dream mats were capturing such a high % that what was left over to leach was unprofitable. Plus we are seeing huge success w/ beach miners who are feeling compared to the standard conveyor belt matting, its night & day. We have crusher companies mounting the crushers on top of the sluices & liquidizing the crushing in a single run getting great fine gold recovery. We have wash plants in Alberta reducing their cons w/ before finial clean w/ great results, reducing the finishing load by 10x. In short it has been very interesting to see the market acceptance of the Dream Mat in fine gold recovery.
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    Claim size

    I stand corrected, Thank you. for some stupid reason I thought it was more like 5 acres. I should have done the math. I know better than that. But alas, I am an electrical engineer, not a civil engineer.
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    Doug M

    Claim size

    1500x600 is twenty acres im not sure what the regs are on lode claims if chris chimes in he will know
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    Reno Chris

    Lithium Needs vs. Burning Man

    A little bit of humor here: I read in the local paper that a Canadian Mining company has staked lithium claims all over the dry lake bottom (playa) where the Burning man festival (party) is held each year. Now the Burning man folks are very left wing (the event originated in the Bay area) and anti-business, anti-mining. The event is sort of the modern day equivalent of a pagan orgy. Its quite funny to me that the need for more Lithium for high tech batteries has caused the alkali flat playa where they hold the event to be put under mining claims. Attendees are already up in arms that Burning man could be at risk. http://www.rgj.com/story/news/2017/01/09/mining-company-claims-4000-acres-black-rock-desert/96132260/
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    Thank you Scott and Clark for your untiring work on behalf of miners large and small. I will be ordering the book you referenced and calling my state rep. and my senators. I call on all PLP members and ICMJ subscribers to get the word out. Let's get some energy behind this. Bugler
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    I am looking for a 1 yard per hour trommel - something you could hand shovel into. I am not looking for a high banker, I need a rotating trommel and one built to last and get used for a long time. Anyone out there make or have experience with such a thing? Chris