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  1. Sorry, but we had many instructors going over numerous detecting brands simultaneously at the hands-on training site so it just wasn't feasible. We split them up by brand, then down to model within the brand when possible.
  2. Our 2014 Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit is shaping up to be the largest gold prospecting show in the United States. We had to redesign the layout to accommodate more vendors and we still have additional vendors on the waiting list. Recent additions: More classes/lectures for beginners, including "Basic Prospecting Techniques" Dr. Thom Seal, former senior metallurgist for Newmont Mining, has been added to our list of speakers. He'll cover "Principles for Gravity Separation." Exclusive underground mine tour for only $7 for attendees who arrive a day early. County Mining Museum will be open for attendees Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Complete list of vendors is now posted online. Our very own forum moderators -- Chris Ralph & Steve Herschbach -- will be lecturing. I look forward to meeting many of our forum users at the show. Stop by and say "Hello." It's still only $5 at the door (& the fairgrounds charges $5 parking). Complete details are available on our Mining Summit page. Scott P.S. We still have a few slots open for our hands-on training classes, but they will be gone shortly.
  3. Scott Harn - Editor

    Largest Gold Prospecting Show In The United States

    Thanks guys, but the "kudos" should rightfully go to our magazine staff and writers, the speakers, volunteers from the Mother Lode Goldhounds and Gold Country Treasure Seekers, the Fergot family and the Kleiwer family who drove several hundred miles just to help, and my extended family who took time off from their regular jobs just to help out. Even my old high school friend Mike flew in from Oregon to lend a hand, and my Aunt Marian (who worked for the Journal in the '60s) helped Saturday and Sunday. Yes, I put a lot of hours into organizing the event, but I've learned that you make yourself look good by surrounding yourself with good people. Most of our readers think we have a large staff in the office, but there's only four of us on most days. Pulling off something this large would be impossible without all of the excellent volunteers. Regarding the "next" show, we are sticking to an every other year schedule. It literally takes us over six months to put the whole thing together, and if we tried to do it every year, I'm afraid my friends and family would no longer answer their phones when I call!!! We are looking at mid-April 2016 for our next Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit.
  4. Scott Harn - Editor

    Classifieds Section?

    Hi Jennifer, Sorry, but we don't allow ads on this forum. Of course, we do allow them in the classifieds section of our magazine which also get posted on the 27th of each month to the main classified section of our website: http://www.icmj.com/for-sale-wanted.php Scott
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    Largest Gold Prospecting Show In The United States

    Speakers finalized for our Mining Summit, April 5 - 6, Placerville Fairgrounds, California: Saturday, April 5 10:30am How to Locate a Promising Location for Gold Prospecting by Don Robinson 11:30am Staking and Holding Mining Claims by Chris Ralph 12:30pm Current Regulations & Permitting by Charles Watson 1:30pm Consequences of Urbanizing Historic Mining Areas by Professor George Wheeldon 2:30pm Gold & Precious Metals by Leonard Melman 3:30pm Basic Gold Prospecting Techniques by Chris Ralph Sunday, April 6 10:30am Mineral Identification by Chris Ralph 11:30am Claim Jumping & How to Protect Your Claims by Charles Watson 12:30pm Metal Detecting for Gold by Steve Herschbach 1:30pm Setting Up a Placer Operation by Chris Ralph 2:30pm JUST ADDED: Principles for Gravity Separation by Dr. Thom Seal JUST ADDED: Dr. Thom Seal is a Professor of Mining, Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Engineering and the Director of the Institute for Mineral Resource Studies at the Mackay School of Mines in Reno, Nevada. Thom is the former manager of metallurgical technology and was senior metallurgist for Newmont Mining. He is a professional engineer and mineral process engineer, and a qualified person as per Canadian Instrument 43-101. __________ Chris Ralph is our Associate Editor. Chris has worked for precious metal mining companies conducting both surface and underground operations, and has a degree in Mining Engineering from Nevada's Mackay School of Mines. He is an individual prospector who has been searching the hills of California and Nevada for many years, finding some nice gold and gems on many occasions. He has also detected in Australia, Burkino Faso and the Ivory Coast. Chris is based in Reno, Nevada. __________ Leonard Melman is our Financial Columnist. Leonard has been reporting on the financial markets for the Journal, with an emphasis on precious metals, since January 1986. Leonard draws on his previous experience as a securities and commodities broker, and he’s reported on mining operations on four continents. He’s also been a frequent speaker at mining investment conferences in Canada. Leonard lives in Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada. __________ Don Robinson is a Senior Writer for ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal. He has over thirty years of full time mining, including underground and open pit placers, and hardrock under his belt. During these years, he served as a consultant, manager and superintendent of various projects, and he was also an assayer for Goldfields, Nevada. He has worked with multiple government agencies dealing with all aspects of mining. Don co-founded the Mother Lode Goldhounds, a California non-profit minerals education corporation, serving as its president for many years. Don is a California licensed blaster, and he resides in Foresthill, California. He's also the former National Champion in gold panning, with over 50 medals won in competitions. ____________ Charles Watson is President and Chief Geologist for Advanced Geologic. Charles has over 30 years of academic and professional experience. He is a Qualified Person as per Canadian Instrument 43-101 and a California Professional Geologist. ___________ Steve Herschbach is a Senior Writer for ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal. He is a life-long Alaskan, and an avid prospector and detectorist since 1972. He is a member of the Alaska Treasure Seekers, Chugach Gem & Mineral Society, Alaska Miners Association, Nevada Mining Association, and Northwest Mining Association. ____________ George Wheeldon is a Professor of Geology, teaching at Folsom College in northern California. He has been a resident of northern California's geographically diverse and scenic El Dorado County since the early 1960s. There, he has pursued his boyhood passion for discovering how "stuff works" as he says, and especially for uncovering the secrets of Earth's foundation -- rocks. More info on our Mining Summit page.
  6. It may be too many miles for you to travel Mark, but we have a few spots left at our hands-on training sessions on Friday April 4 and Monday April 7 in conjunction with our Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit April 5-6 in Placerville, CA. Chris Ralph and Steve Herschbach, two of the best detectorists around (and moderators for our forum), will be part of our detecting instruction team. We'll have plenty of expert instructors for every brand of gold detector. As part of the instruction, I bury nuggets of several sizes at predetermined depths and mark them so users can test their equipment and find out how their machines are supposed to react. We split attendees up by brand for group instruction, then provide individual instruction for whomever needs it. More info is available on our Mining Summit page. (Scroll down to the bottom for info regarding the hands-on training classes.) Scott
  7. Scott Harn - Editor

    Epa Shuts Down Idaho Rivers To Dredgers

    Want some good news for a change? Idaho legislature introduces bill to nullify EPA regulations
  8. Scott Harn - Editor

    Epa Shuts Down Idaho Rivers To Dredgers

    Idaho makes first move toward eliminating EPA's NPDES permit requirement for suction gold dredging. See Idaho legislature schedules hearing on suction gold dredging for February 3 in our Recent News section.
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    Dad's First Nugget

    Way to go Bill!
  10. Scott Harn - Editor

    Quartz Gold

    Very nice.
  11. Scott Harn - Editor

    Market For Garnets?

    Rayel buys garnets. His ad is always on page 5 of the magazine.
  12. Scott Harn - Editor

    Meet Your Moderators

    We are blessed that Chris, Steve, and Dick are helping out as moderators! Chris Ralph, Associate Editor, ICMJs Prospecting and Mining Journal Chris has been writing for us since 2004, and he took on the role of Associate Editor in 2008. He has experience in small and large scale mining, in both surface and underground operations. Chris has a degree in Mining Engineering from Nevada's Mackay School of Mines. He is an individual prospector who has been prospecting in California, Nevada, Arizona and Alaska for many years, and recently made his first venture into Australia in search of gold. Chris contributes several articles each month, including our "Ask The Experts" column. (View the list of articles Chris has written for the Journal.) He is based in Reno, Nevada. Steve Herschbach, Contributing Writer Steve has been prospecting, highbanking, dredging, and metal detecting for gold since the early 70s. He eventually acquired a large placer and hardrock property at Moore Creek, Alaska and has claims at other locations in the state. Lately his prospecting ventures have expanded to Nevada, California, the UK and Australia. His interests have expanded to include gold, copper, silver, platinum, and even meteorites. Steve co-founded a dealership in 1976 that became one of the largest multi-line suppliers of prospecting and metal detecting equipment in the country. He is a respected writer and teacher, and has authored several articles for the Journal. (View a list of articles Steve has written for the Journal.) Steve is based in Alaska. Scott Harn, Editor/Publisher, ICMJs Prospecting and Mining Journal Scott is a third-generation Editor/Publisher for the Journal, following his father and grandfather. He took over as Editor/Publisher in 1999, though he has been involved with the Journal since the mid-1970s. Scott is a small-scale miner/dredger who has prospected in California, Oregon, Washington and Montana. He authors an article or two each month for the Journal, including the "Legislative and Regulatory Update" column. (View the list of articles Scott has written for the Journal.) Scott is based in Aptos, California. Dick Hammond (aka: chickenminer) Dick has been a year-round resident of the remote little town of Chicken, Alaska for over 40 years. His entry into mining started as a youngster pulling rocks down a sluicebox for his grandfather, a start that just naturally turned into a career as a commercial placer miner in Alaska's historic Fortymile Mining District. He has fabricated much of his own mining equipment including trommels and shaker plants. His interests are varied, including winter prospecting, rockhounding, lapidary and just about all aspects of the placer industry.
  13. An online article posted by Fly Rod & Reel starts off with some good discussion on suction gold dredging, but leans toward a conclusion that dredging is harmful to fish. Some polite, constructive comments from miners might be helpful.
  14. Wonder why the price of gold tanked? Look no further than JPMorgan. An article posted at zerohedge has the details
  15. I know many of you are not subscribers to our monthly magazine -- at least not yet. There is an article I recently wrote that I wanted to be sure you had the opportunity to read. Our subscribers will see it in our April 2013 issue, but I also posted it as a free article on our site because it is important. It's in our Recent News section on our home page at www.icmj.com and here is a direct link: Selenium, Mercury and Suction Dredging -- Studies Contradict California State Water Resources Board
  16. Scott Harn - Editor

    Gold Drops Under $1500

    No worries. And you are very welcome!
  17. Or, we have all the main prices in one place: http://www.icmj.com/current-metal-prices.php
  18. Scott Harn - Editor

    Gold Drops Under $1500

    Edelson's copyright notice from his site: "You may print a copy of the information contained herein for your personal use only, but you may not reproduce or distribute the information to others..."
  19. Scott Harn - Editor

    Locating Gold

    No worries. Thanks.
  20. Scott Harn - Editor

    Locating Gold

    Sorry GoldBellMining, but the video you posted above is actually copyrighted by the History Channel, so it was removed. If the History Channel has made it available for free on their site, you are welcome to post a link to it. We'll get ourselves in trouble if we start allowing copyrighted material. I realize someone posted it to youtube, but Chris asked them to take it down and they have ignored that request.
  21. Scott Harn - Editor

    If You Were Dredging In Alaska, Where Would You Start?

    It's a good one, originally published by the old Bureau of Mines in 1971. We left it on the old site because a few folks had set up links to it. Eventually that site will disappear. It can also can be found on our current site, in our Beginner's Corner section (which can be found under the Resources tab). If you want to permanently bookmark the page, I'd suggest using this link: How to Mine and Prospect for Gold
  22. Scott Harn - Editor

    New Blm Fee's

    We've gone over instructions for claiming lands in a few articles, and try to revisit the subject every once in awhile for new readers. Here's a few articles we've published on the subject: Buying a Mining Claim: Questions to Ask (March 2013, Vol. 82, No. 7) How to Complete Assessment Work and Claim Maintenance, (July 2009, Vol. 78., No. 11) Mining Claims—What to Know Before You File, (April 2011, Vol. 80, No. 8) Researching and Staking Mining Claims—Part I, (Dec. 2006, Vol. 76, No. 4) Researching and Staking Mining Claims—Part II, (Jan. 2007, Vol. 76, No. 5)
  23. Scott Harn - Editor

    Geochemical Sampling

    Here's an article by Chris Ralph we published back in 2005 that might be helpful. It explains some of the terminology and sampling techniques: Understanding Sampling Techniques
  24. Scott Harn - Editor

    Plp: Is This Org Really Helping?

    They are one of the few groups that have taken the USFS, BLM and state agencies to court -- and won in a number of cases -- so it is the only group we (ICMJs Prospecting and Mining Journal) actively support. I prefer them to some of the others out there because they have a "no compromise" philosophy regarding miner's rights. It's my understanding they will also come to the aid of a miner to help fund a court battle if losing the case could negatively impact other miners and if the miner agrees not to compromise. It's ironic that I saw this post today -- I'm at the Puyallup GPAA show at the moment and I handed Jerry Hobbs of PLP a check for $2,500 this morning to help fund several of their ongoing court cases.
  25. Scott Harn - Editor

    Anyone Use A Rocker Box?

    Alan is on the road at the moment doing the GPAA shows, though I'm surprised there is no one there to answer the phones. I know he was at the Salem show last week, and he is here at the Puyallup (Washington) GPAA show -- he's just a few booths down from me and I'll pass along the message.