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  1. Gold Seeker

    New Contest: Can You Recognize Gold?

    1.Yes 11.No 21.No 2.Yes 12. No 22.Yes 3.No 13.Yes 23.Yes 4.Yes 14.Yes 24.Yes 5.No 15.No 25.No 6.No 16.No 26.No 7.Yes 17,Yes 27.Yes 8.No 18.Yes 28.Yes 9.Yes 19.No 29.No 10.Yes 20.No 30.Yes
  2. Gold Seeker

    Bears On My Claim

    Geo, your link is missing something, here's a ink that should work. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fatal_bear_attacks_in_North_America
  3. Gold Seeker

    Bears On My Claim

    My thoughts are... 1. The advice most given while in bear territory is most bears will avoid you and the area if you make lot of noise, but I think the noise should be fairly constant, running the engine for your pump will help a lot I would think, also maybe singing loudly while you work, if you don't have a good singing voice all the better the bears may run the other way faster to get away from you , but as mentioned there's always that one bear that will not be bothered and will check you out, which means you maybe risking an attack. 2. You said you want to do a little panning and working a shovel for your highbanker that means you will be keeping your head down while panning/shoveling and will miss that "one" bear approaching, I think a electric fence will not deter that "one" bear that the noise doesn't deter, I would rig some trip lines a couple feet of the ground around your area with lots of noise making items attached to the trip line, e.g. groups of metal items that will clang together on each trip line, etc. (don't use any metal items that once contained food, you will never be able to clean them enough to lose the food smell) that would get your attention if a bear hits the trip lines, the noise from the trip lines may make the bear turn around and leave, but will also give you a warning of a possible approaching bear, keep in mind that bears can run up too 30 mph to 35 mph when they want to get at or catch something, so if you use trip lines put them out a ways so you have time to grab your rifle. Good luck and keep us posted on how you do, we would also love to see some photos of the gold you find!!
  4. Gold Seeker

    Rineharts' Roy Hill Project

    This link seems to work. http://www.mining.com/rineharts-roy-hill-starts-owner-operator-mining-32859/ You can sure see effect iron in that red dirt in the photo!! Even though she a billionaire, you'll notice/read she is using investor/loan money for the mining, I guess that's how the rich stay rich, not risking their own money!!
  5. Gold Seeker

    Blood Nuggets

    It's hard to say what it is without some more info, e.g., streak color, hardness,, it would be hard to check other properties because of the size, the gold and not wanting to damage the specimens greatly, but those two test should be doable, which would help more than just guessing what type of "red rock/mineral" it could be.
  6. Gold Seeker

    Spring Trip To Petersville Rec Area

    Nice report Mike, thanks for posting your adventure!
  7. Gold Seeker

    Dry Washing: The Only Option In The Desert!

    Mark, A Rokon will climb a 90 degree wall, hill or tree with no problem, there is one problem of gravity flipping you on your back attempting to do so, so no matter the incline a Rokon will go up it to the point it will flip over backwards. Here's an old Rokon video that shows the reasonable abilities of the Rokon. (You will have to copy and paste both of the below Youtube video links, for some reason I can't post them as a clickable link or get them to embed on this forum) That being said, if you intend to be on steep inclines most of time and not being able to almost level out periodically with a Rokon I would try and find a older Rokon that has a 2 cycle engine and rebuilt the bike/engine if necessary, because the new ones have 4 cycles engines and being on a incline for a long length of time will starve the engine of oil that lubricates it resulting in premature engine failure, it's not a problem with the 2 cycle engines because the oil for lubricating the engine is in the gas. Now on the matter for being able to haul all the gear you need, Rokon makes a little sidecar/cart, but even better is they make a "single track trailer" it only has one wheel with suspension at the back, it's only a little wider than the bike or about the same width if you have the saddlebags attached on the bike, you can see all the accessories on their website. http://www.rokon.com/index.php?p=1_11_Accessories Also here's a great video that shows the Rokon with the single track trailer and how well it does on trails and some moderate inclines up in Vancouver Canada. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXc5QqMLI5g&feature=player_embedded
  8. Is mining, in particular dredging, or even over fishing the cause or a big contributing factor of salmon population decline. The answer is NO, it's lack of micro-nutrients in the ocean's pastures where the young fry go to grow big and strong so they can come back and spawn another generation of salmon, that is the cause of the decline, that is up until now!!! Check out this project that has sowed those vital nutrients back into the ocean pasture/s where the young salmon go to grow into healthy adults, the result are proof of what is/was the cause of populations declines of salmon. I wonder what our opponents of dredging is going to use now that this is proven to be the cause and not us dredging? http://pesn.com/2014/06/29/9602512_Worlds-First_Commercial-Scale_Ocean-Pasture-Restoration_a_Phenomenal_Success/
  9. Gold Seeker

    Definitions Of Icons - Left Of Topic Names

    clicking on this icon will mark the entire forum section as read. clicking on this icon will take you to the last unread post. The star icon means you have posted in the topic. Not sure which icon you mean by "price tag"? Most of these icons when you hover/hold your cursor over them will give an explanation of what the icon does/means. All of the icon when they are not transparent/have color indicates a new reply or topic, if they're transparent there has been no activity in that forum section/topic since your last visit.
  10. Just copy the email address and paste it in your email.
  11. Gold Seeker

    2014 Mining Season At Cobb

    Thanks for the update, can't wait to see how you make out this year!
  12. Gold Seeker

    Any Clue What This Is?

    Is it soft, hard, magnetic(?), if relatively soft and non-magnetic, I would guess it could be babbit, which is a material that is used for bearings in machinery, in the old days after removing the old bearing material they would pour a new bearing directly into the bearing housing, in the process some babbit always spilled out onto the ground. It could also very well be solder.
  13. Gold Seeker

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    It's been a several years now so I don't remember who it was or where it was posted, but a prospector rigged his sluice box with a metal detector at the end and also a sweeping arm that was activated when the detector detected a piece of metal thus taking the material off the sluice before it could exit into the tailings so the material could checked for gold, etc., the section that had the detector was made of plastic.
  14. Gold Seeker

    How It All Got Started

    Good luck on your move, I hope the up coming season rewards you greatly!! Can't wait for your reports for this season!