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  1. Doug M

    Claim size

    1500x600 is twenty acres im not sure what the regs are on lode claims if chris chimes in he will know
  2. Doug M

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    mile 98 we have had them for 9years we work them for 30 days each year
  3. Doug M

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    Im glad every thing is going well next summer when we go to our claims up the steese highway maybe we could get together for lunch or coffee be careful down there Doug
  4. Doug M

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    flint are you doing ok we haven't heard any thing from you in a while hope every thing is going well for you doug
  5. Doug M

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    flint you are tougher then rebar I was getting worried about you hadn't heard from you in a while thanks for sharing Doug
  6. Doug M

    2016 At Cobb

    We mine 100 miles north of Fairbanks I know what water problems you run into only we are placer mining keep up the good work doug
  7. Doug M

    2016 At Cobb

    flint you are one tough guy thanks for the story doug
  8. Doug M

    Mining Claim Lease Or Rental In Alaska

    jrs most of that kind of ground has been worked with that kind of access there might be some remote ground that rich good luck doug Wasilla alaska
  9. we run our trommel with a 15 hp gas motor double chain reduction. shaker screen 1inch shaker screen works better than punch plate , lasts forever if you need to change size $300 will probley do it also it cleans out better than punch plate, 45inch opening around the barrel grizzley on hopper is 5inch, sluice is 24 inch wide 8ft long, lots of water we run 2-3inch pumps, spray bar full length of barrel with spray bar in dump hopper, most of the gold is in the 1st 2 foot of the sluice in the angle iron riffles then expanded metal riffles all with minners moss under it all. the gold caught is from flee sh## to nuggets to 3/4 oz. our barrel is and old propane tank for free barrel is 42in x 18 foot we have app 6000.00 in total cost (iron , motor gears , shafts , chain , wheels , screen , sluice , mats , welding rod , torch gas , grinding wheels , misc. ect.) not time we built it ourselves thanks doug im in Alaska running gravel in the central area cobbles down to fines old creek bed benches
  10. use shaker screen for screen section,the angle depends on your material we run ours about 3/4 inch per foot we drive ours with chain with bolts threw the barrel for the gear ours is 42inch fed with an conveyor it will easly run 50yards per hr. flatter angle for more clay in material, steeper for better gravel our screen is 4ft wide doug
  11. Doug M

    The Art Of Dowsing

    We would walk from the creek towards the edge of the bottom the witch rods would cross each time the ground would change. We would dig across with excavator each time were the rods crossed there would be a change in material showing a different channel . The channels would be from 20ft wide to 200ft wide from 10ft deep to 16t deep. This is in permafrost undesterebed ground with 2ft of muck with blueberry, willow brush, on top wet and dry ground. The rods only cross when the ground beneth changes we did this for about 600ft up the creek bottom. doug
  12. Doug M

    The Art Of Dowsing

    we tried witching on our claims this year we can locate bench channels but we don't know what to look for in the rods or what type are the best for gold . We are in the circle mining dist in Alaska any input. thanks in advance Doug
  13. Doug M

    How It All Got Started

    flint this the way to keep us hanging