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  1. All is not roses here in WA either. When they re did the Fish & Gold book they also just about wiped out the dredge season in a lot of places. Two week season? Open through the winter when the snows too deep to even get close to the water? You also can't get any material out of the wetted area, except for during dredging season which isn't even open on a lot of streams, so that wipes out most of the crevicing. THEY didn't open up the beaches. WE spent about eight years working through the system to get the beaches opened up. We're still fighting battles daily just to keep operating. We still are fighting the intimidation practices some of the Forest Service officials are using.
  2. Doug W1

    Using A Trommel

    Used miners moss for years. Went back to carpet and gold recovery went back up. Miners moss will lock up if the water flow is interrupted and unless you have matting or something under it the gold will migrate out under the moss. I have to give credit to Hoser John for opening my eyes to the material locking up, and then I had to see it for myself through experimentation. Dredge on bank equals a pile of rocks at end of sluice. Floating moves the dredge with the hole as you proceed. If you get the dredge set up right and you dredge right you'll catch the fine gold.
  3. One of the problems I'm seeing on a lot of the newer small trommels is that they are starting the screening right away instead of an area to wash before screening. I'm in an area with quite a bit of clay and hardpack and the material doesn't get clean before dropping through the screen. Unless you have material that cleans easily it defeats the purpose of the trommel in my opinion.
  4. Doug W1

    Into Africa

    Looking forward to your adventures. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Doug W1

    Brown Compressor Parts

    Have you called Bob Dahlke?
  6. Doug W1

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    The difference is trying to get the kids talked into talking mom into digging dirt instead of Disneyland. Somehow Disneyland has got the kids duped!
  7. Doug W1

    Why Are Dredge Sluices So Short?

    Learn to dredge and you'll know what to suck up and what to throw. It doesn't take very long and you'll move a lot more material.
  8. Doug W1

    Meet Your Moderators

    Thanks guys and this will be a great forum, just like the magazine.
  9. Doug W1

    Rip Gordon Burton Of Golden Caribou Mining

    I met him years ago when a local club I belonged to had an outing on their claims. Nicest person and very helpful. Sorry to hear and our thoughts are with the family and friends.
  10. Doug W1

    Why Are Dredge Sluices So Short?

    I have to agree with John and Steve. NO BOLT THROUGH THE NOZZLE!