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  1. A lot of the time it is just a bad op-amp circuit a .98 cent part they go out a lot a good tech could repair it without a schematic !! It could be an associated component but usually it is the op-amp in the circuit , it is doing most of the work just like a mechanical part they wear out do to friction and heat !! Electrons hitting each other during operation and inductive reactance from an inductive load, the voice coil of the speaker and back EMF it is part of the damping factor for the amp circuit ! !!
  2. Ricky D N

    Beware Of Phony, Junk Metal Detectors

    Actually they are finally copying most of the major manufacturers detectors and Alibaba.com is selling them , including the Garrett GTI 2500 for about $120 , the Fisher and Teknetics , the Bliss Tool all of MineLabs detectors , a lot of the UK guys seem to like them a lot and generally have only had problems with the coils , I talked to a few manufacturers and they said they really cannot do much of anything about it because once one company is caught a few more pop up to take it's place. Education is the key to prevent it but lots of users just want a bargain on a detector and that is what is fueling the counterfeit units ..You probably shouldn't get you panties in a bunch , it is bad for your health..
  3. Ricky D N

    California Flooding

    What about the dredging regs , can you still dredge in Calif , hopefully Trump will resolve that issue , I was in Calif for the 96/97 floods on the Russian river it was a good one ..
  4. Ricky D N

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    :)Just use a highbanker with miners moss and ribbed rubber matting underneath it and expanded metal on top , that is the best method of recovery , I just ran some paydirt through my high banker two days ago and recovered a nice little amount of flour gold , miners moss does not lose gold when used properly, I use mine almost everyday even in the winter , ground is a little frozen but the river water is not , I have been doing that for the last 20 yeas and the 25 years before that, I have been mining and experimenting with different configurations for a number of years and if you notice most commercial operations use this method , except for ELKO Nevada because the gold is microscopic....
  5. Ricky D N

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    I recover flour gold all of the time with my high banker actually that is pretty much all I recover except for an occasional picker , just use a environmentally friendly recovery method mine works , I just ran some paydirt through my high banker the other day and recovered more flour gold on the Yakima river , if your deposit is that large hire an experienced crew and make a living ...
  6. Ricky D N

    Detector Purchase A Must.

    I used a couple of dollar store batteries in my Timeranger and left it in my vehicle in -3-5 degree weather and they stayed charged after two weeks and I took the machine out and used it for a couple hours an then returned it to the house , a month later they are still in full charge mode when I used it today ...Some batteries just hold up better than others ...
  7. Ricky D N

    Detector Purchase A Must.

    I left my dollar store batteries in my Timeranger out in my rig in 3-5 degree weather for almost two weeks and started the machine up they are still fully charged after a month . The weather does seem to effect some batteries more than others , it is just amazing how well a cheap battery has held up under adverse conditions !!
  8. Ricky D N

    Detector Purchase A Must.

    To bad you were not looking for the FIsher GoldStrike it was meant to replace the Goldbug2 but never caught on because of the weird tone system , it hits hotrocks and you know it is a hot rock by the dual tone setup of the detector and can reject that target as a bad one , I have had a lot of experience with mine and still really like it , but not everyone does , it is one hot little detector . As far as detectors go it is a pretty unlikable unit , so you can pickup a used one fairly cheap if you want to learn how to us it .. Just another great choice for a Gold detector !!
  9. Ricky D N

    Detecting In A Highly Mineralized Area

    Like I was saying the TDI will pick up almost everything the MInelabs will, a used TDI will go for under $800 and have about the same depth as a Minelab at Only around 3K , Petty much like my BH Pioneer 505 will hit targets at 3 feet in all metal mode and my more expensive detectors like my X-TERRA 70 will not go that deep , but it does not do it as well ,it does not have all of the features of a more expensive detector , for a guy on a budget you can do a lot more for less if you pick up the right detector , I have been an ELECTRONICS TECH working in a number of fields for over 35 years including industrial and consumer metal detecting products to component level ...
  10. Ricky D N

    Pinpointer For Gold?

    B)Actually mine in the highest setting goes deeper than 4inch it is closer to 6 inches ..
  11. Ricky D N

    Pinpointer For Gold?

    Has anyone tried the Whites TRX pin pointer , they do go pretty deep and hit even small flakes of gold ...
  12. I have picked up large objects, a smashed Cadillac hub cap at 3 feet deep in all metal mode with my Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 , right after my Whites TDI battries died , I brought the 505 as a backup and I have hit some extremely deep targets with my BH TimeRanger in all metal mode a small fence post at 2 feet , the two box detectors will go very deep but it has to be a large object like an airplane or a car or a 50 gallon drum my Garrett GTI 2500 with a two box hits some extreme depths !!! 10-25 feet !!!
  13. :DI picked up a Bounty Hunter TimeRanger and discovered that it does pickup black magnetic sands when looking for gold in all metal mode , I know most people think a Bounty Hunter just junk but this unit is not , I own a number other detectors from different companies and none of my other units will do this , I ground balanced it and started searching and it started going off with a faint signal and irregular pattern and I was thinking to my self what a heap , so I ground balanced again and again , that is when I started to dig up the small signals and found out the detector followed the outline and center of the black sand deposit in all metal mode , I tested this about 20 times now and it always finds the gold , because I have some very fine placer flood gold here and the eddy currents and beach topography determine where the gold finally lands and it is in the black sands 99% of the time , I am already on a large inside corner of a gold bearing river , sometimes I end up with just black sands and no gold but that is why you take your pan and screen along to sample and see what is in the area you want to work !!! If you find a good deposit bring out your high banker and start moving some yardage !!!
  14. Ricky D N

    Results Of Nugget Detector Survey

    Dude pickup a used Whites TDI or TDI Pro excellent detectors !! You will be very surprised how powerful the Pulse Induction detectors can be , they can also use Minelab coils !!
  15. Ricky D N

    Detecting In A Highly Mineralized Area

    Get a Whites TDI Pro best bang for your buck , most of the GPX series Minelab coils fit right on the TDI , :blink:I have a couple for mine and it will find about 99.9% of what the Minelab Trashmaster will find !! And it does not cost 5 to 10 K ! It is a real bargain and a very well made machine , watch some depth tests on youtube the TDI is simply an amazing machine !!!