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    New Garrett Pulse Induction !

    I do own a TDI and I like it a lot but the gold here is very small and the ground is so hot you really have to tune the TDI to function at the Columbia River in Grant county! VLFs are completely useless and do not function in this environment, we have hot rocks the size of a small car, I did get a good signal on a huge hot rock when I was testing the TDI for the first time and moved it with a 6 ft construction bar and panned out two small pickers from under the hot rock so it did work, but that is more the exception than the rule, I am very interested in the new Garrett I own the talking GTI 2500 this machine will find targets that I did not think it could even see it also outperformed my Eureka gold on a head to head test in the ground not air tests and did go much deeper in all metal mode, I have owned my Garrett for 5 years with no problems it is great when you are older and cannot see a thing it announces the size and depth with a push of a button, I think Garrett should bring this feature back as an option on there detectors. thanks for the info
  2. Ricky D N

    Steve's Guide to Gold Nugget Detectors

    Does anyone have any info on the new Garrett PI coming out this fall 2013???
  3. Ricky D N

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    Also using your metal detector in conjunction with a high banker to find a probable place the smaller gold with stop, even if you do not find a nugget you may find a lot of iron targets on say a corner of the river you are working , when I do that I also find gold at the same spot, it is a very good tool for finding gold when you use it to find iron lead and brass that has gotten into the river, even a less expensive detector that finds iron my BH Pioneer 505 just a inexpensive little detector but it can become a powerful tool when used correctly when looking for gold or all the other heavy metals that gravity has had it's way with, it is a good way to get started for a small investment, and then buy a more expensive detector as time goes by, remember it is only metal and you should be able to out smart it !!!
  4. Ricky D N

    Passive Magnetic Resonance

    I am glad someone finally brought this topic up for a discussion, the people that make phony technology and try to pass it off and sell it for a high price should not be aloud to operate, our old saying while working in the field as an Electronics Field service technician in industrial settings was if you could not dazzle them with knowledge baffle em with bull sheet !! That is what these guys are doing when they sell you a bogus piece of electronic equipment unless you know a lot about theory and the practical use of electronic circuits you are fairly easy pickens for there less than pro salesmen!!!! Don't forget when you get a squirrel stoned it tends to play with it's nuts rather than store them!! You are not fat just calorically enhanced
  5. Ricky D N

    Beware Of Phony, Junk Metal Detectors

    REALLY!!! You are still not a Technician and would not know a ziener diode form an induction coil, after talking to a number of other repair techs that I have worked with over the decades none of us have EVER worked on any counterfeit electronics of any kind, and we worked in Europe and Canada all of the 50 states Australia and New Zeland as Field Service Electronics Technicians and ran our own Electronics repair buss, so if you come across one or two take some pictures and post them internal and external pictures I would like to see one of there counterfeit boards if you are going to make up a story why don't you try to prove it instead of just talking about it!! Just like BIGFOOT I don't have to see one to know it does not exist!!! I went to the Tektronics site and Minelab and there is no mention of counterfeit products, Why let the truth get in the way of a good story!!
  6. You really want to think about getting some training in single phase and three phase motors and controls, Welding, Hydraulics ,heavy equipment maintenance, the more you know the longer your equipment and plant will operate don't underestimate the power of a very good Maintenance Technician with a she8 load of skills it can make your mining experience a very pleasant one if everyone knows how to repair and rebuild the equipment and how to find and recover gold, I myself build my own equipment and can wire and design single and three phase motors and controls, troubleshoot to component level on electronic circuit boards, weld wire feed and stick, repair just about anything ever built, business plan REALLY! The other guy ran a restaurant that is not someone you want to take advice from I have worked with managers like that, they don't have a clue , I have been mining for 35 years and an Industrial Technician for over 30 and a certified diver, the way you manage your operation is knowing how everything works and you or three of you employs can repair everything, that is what keeps costs down being knowledgeable not being a restaurant manager!! And it does not cross relate to mining!!! I just finished building a 4in dredge with a larger pump and sluice area I like to call it a SUPER 4in Dredge, I built everything including the power jet it was very easy unlike all of the stories I have read about people trying to build there own power jet just to end in failure, I think those are planted stories by Keene or there salesmen to discourage you from building your own equipment instead of buying there overpriced equipment! it cost me about 50 big ones to build a 4in power jet and Keenes version is $210 plus shipping, the sluice part of the 4 in Keene dredge is about $750-$850 big ones it cost me about $65 with miners moss the aluminum and I built the riffles, this unit is extremely powerful it is almost unbelievable!! The BIGGEST thing to really have when you mine is KNOWLEDGE not managing a restaurant , you cannot replace bullshe8 management non skills and think you know more about mining than a real miner and Industrial Tech and I have managed my own business in ELECTRONICS not food service, only after I got my degree in Industrial Technology and built ,sold and traveled all over the world installing and starting up very high tech equipment and doing 1000s of service calls and repairs world wide and the more you know about your job and the more you can learn as time goes by will save you $1000s in repairs and operating costs and if you do it correctly you will make a very good living, when you can build a piece of equipment you need for say $150 instead of paying $10,000 for it that is a lifesaver, I have made companies millions over the years just through my skill alone and not because I shuffle papers and act like I actually did some real work, be prepared to do some learning before you go to Alaska if you need a wash plant build it yourself during the winter. your welcome
  7. Ricky D N

    Gold Going Down

    :wub: I really hope gold goes down for the summer at least it will keep all of the amatuers out of my way when I am mining on puplic ground , if I get any more followers I am going to have to start a fee based class to teach the new guys how to mine and prospect!!
  8. Ricky D N

    Beware Of Phony, Junk Metal Detectors

    Actually I finally found some on Alibaba the Amazon of the far east and looking on youtube a lot of users seem to think they work just as well as the brand names with the exception of some of the coils not functioning correctly , there were a lot of buyers and users in the UK .
  9. Ricky D N

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    I thought!!
  10. Ricky D N

    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    and training and having tech skills like welding , three phase motors and controls, being a well rounded miner with a lot of skills, that's what it takes, if you cannot find equipment build it yourself, I can and do