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  1. Frank Tillman

    Bears On My Claim

  2. Frank Tillman

    Gold Refining

    "It might be interesting to some of the members to discuss the process of refining gold." - Geowizard It would be.
  3. It eventually ends, badly though, when the false economy crashes. The fed can't keep buying US bonds from banks with journal entries on the bank's books forever. The house of cards will come down and when it does people, even the current lefties will understand what has been taking place at the fed level and there will be a lot of hate. In fact the lefties will be the most hateful. This hate will be the new direction of the country. Eric Hoffer in "The True Believer" writes about this transition as it happens in mass movements. Things are going to be getting a lot worse as this all plays out.
  4. California USA doesn't exist anymore. It's beyond stupid, it's killing itself. Someone with a 4" dredge should be able to dredge anywhere. It's good for the fish, they love it and feed on the stuff you stir up. California should be paying 4" and under dredgers for the benefit they provide. Any restriction debate should be on large dredge operations.
  5. Frank Tillman

    Bears On My Claim

    Keep us posted. Little off topic, but speaking of dogs, I remember a few years back in California, someone was at home and had a Doberman Pinscher watchdog. He heard some noise and went outside to find a mountain lion eating his Doberman Pinscher it had killed.
  6. Frank Tillman

    Bears On My Claim

    Interesting, I'd probably give it some time. It may have cubs and move on in time, not much food in the cave and in time become more interested in food than shelter. It may move on. Keep us posted.
  7. Frank Tillman

    Bears On My Claim

    Constant Noise doesn't prevent them from going into your camp. I've been dredging no more than 30 yards from the campsite and at the end of the day find my campsite raided and a big black bear up in a tree in the middle of camp. They are clever at figuring out the noise is no real threat and you aren't paying attention to camp. As someone said, a barking dog, better yet two barking dogs because bears, cougars etc can't focus on two different threats at one time and will usually run to get out of the situation. A dominate hungry Grizzly bear is a different matter, you shouldn't be alone where they are, you need at least another miner with a gun and if you can, a dog or two. It's amazing how quick they can move when they want to.
  8. I'm an attorney, and have some advice. Don't do it! When challenging government agents horrible unforeseen things can happen. Lying and false charges, false evidence, etc. You could be facing charges you never dreamed of and are completely innocent of. You and your family could be put under electronic surveillance and it could be a life changing event for the worse. Let the attorneys fight it out in court, if you can donate money do so.
  9. Frank Tillman

    World May Run Out Of Minable Gold In 20 Years

    I think It's more that they see lower prices in the future, $1,200 is a good price for an ounce of gold. If they can't make a profit at $1,200 corruption and incompetence is the reason. They think the future will likely have lower prices and are afraid to overly commit right now. I think there will be much lower prices and most will go out of business. We are in an economic preimplosion stage, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  10. Frank Tillman

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    The government will then probably outlaw private ownership of gold and silver to try and force people to use paper fiat money. We are seeing the death of a country, it's the way it goes.
  11. Frank Tillman

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    Yeah, here's my prediction, gold could possibly move higher in the near term with news out of europe, but it is going to be lower in 2 years and work it's way much lower, around $700 or lower with the crash in the stock market which will come sometime in the next 10 years. People will lose so much wealth it will force gold down. The government & fed will panic and completely destroy the dollar with the fed buying all the bonds the government will issue with journey entries. We are on the road to Hell.