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    complex ore

    Thanks, I need to make one correction It is processed with a silver chloride I suppose this is used to precipitate the other things out of solution. I'm told there is a formula but that seems to be locked up.
  2. Gary Canning

    complex ore

    Chris, I’m not sure which one of the chlorites it is but I am told it contains the following: Copper, gold, silver, pgm’s and rhodium. I’m also told that the only way to recover these is to use a silver nitrate solution. It first has to be pulverized to 350 to 400 fine before being concentrated . Are you familiar with a process like this? I am setting up a small pilot plant.
  3. Gary Canning


    Thank you to all those veterans and active duty who served or at still serving.
  4. Gary Canning

    Caballo Mts. Nm

    Thanks, my intent was to get those of us who stick our heads into holes to pause and think and observe before we go further.
  5. Gary Canning

    Caballo Mts. Nm

    This is a tough reminder of how quickly things can go wrong. Jameson had prospected and mined for at least 30 plus years.
  6. Gary Canning

    Caballo Mts. Nm

    From front page of the Sierra County Sentinel Newspaper by Frances Luna. “First responders were called to a mining site in the Caballo Mountains on Monday, June 22, when a tunnel collapsed burying an 81-year-old Albuquerque man from the waist up. New Mexico State Police report that Lewis C. Jameson of Albuquerque, along with is friend of 30 years, William White, also of Albuquerque, were working on their gold claim in the Caballo Mountains that morning when the tunnel collapsed. White told State Police investigators that Jameson had climbed down about 30 feet into a vertical tunnel and was working on digging a tunnel to another vertical tunnel that had been abandoned and covered up years ago. White said he was on the surface when he heard the collapse and climbed down to help his friend. White realized that he was unable to move the earth that had covered his friend’s upper chest area. White said he spoke with his friend for about five minutes, according to police, and then went to call for help. Jameson, however, later suffocated. State Police said that White told them he and Jameson walked and exercised daily to stay in shape to be able to mine and stay physically fit. Through the use of a tripod by first responders, Jameson’s body was eventually pulled from the collapsed mining tunnel.”
  7. If you had a claim that contained a viable commercial deposit of niobium would you not be better off to lease it back to someone who could develop it.
  8. Gary Canning

    Dredgeing In Az

    Thanks for the quick reply.
  9. I can't imagine any legitimate miner wanting to have a TV camera stuck in his face.
  10. Can someone tell me what the regs. are or where to find the the regulations for dredgeing in AZ?
  11. Gary Canning

    I Need Of Suggestions

    Thanks Eric & Geo. The things you mention are all true for this area I'm working. I'm in a mtn. range next to the Rio Grande Rift that is part of a large old placer. It is also on the edge of a strewn field. I have found some evidence of some old small pocket mines that had some crystalline quartz with color. Everyone from the Apache, Spaniards, and present day prospectors worked this area. My claims are in a bowl on the side of the Mtn. so I don't have much competition to speak of from "Fairweather Prospectors". Most of the placer gold came from quartz veins that eroded out of the western red granite on the side of the mtn.
  12. Gary Canning

    I Need Of Suggestions

    Geo, Do you have any info on why's and wherefores pocket mines form? Thx
  13. Gary Canning

    Mining Based Reality Tv Shows

    I never sold anything to a refiner. It takes a lot of work & time to get most of the black sand out but it's worth it. There are some states that are accepting gold as legal tender. The only one I know for sure is Utah.
  14. Even checking monuments on the ground is no sure thing. Even the spaniards left stone monuments behind. In an area that is rich in mining history it will always be a best guess scenario. I have filed several claims over the last 20 yrs. for myself and had to still eat a couple of them. It is simply unavoidable until the system is changed. For those of you who think buying a claim is the way to go remember you could be buying a claim from someone that doesn't own it.
  15. Gary Canning

    Mining Based Reality Tv Shows

    We normally get 90-95% on clean fines. The stuff I see on TV isn't very clean. The stuff here in NM (southern) is mostly fine but it's around 92-95% pure. Consequently it takes a lot of shoveling into a drywasher. I never did find the kick starter for the shovel.