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  1. RE: Picture of a hand powered rock crusher in the Jan/Feb 2014 Gold Prospector magazine, in column by kevin Hoagland titled "Hit and Run Prospecting". It is tword the back of the magazine I asked him about it and he said that he bought it used a long time ago but does not know the manufaturer. He did say that his would adjust finer than the Crazy Crusher. The picture he sent me was too big to fit this forum post. If anybody knows anything about this crusher, or knows where I might get more information, please let me know. John GoldCrazy2
  2. I bought a never used water pump at a yard sale ($120) and it could use a wheel kit for easier moving. It is a Gentron Pro2 2000 2 inch water pump and has a 5.5 hp motor. I found a Gentron wheel kit on generatordepot.com advertised as for all Pro2 products. It does not fit my Pro2 pump. I'm not finding much on Gentron water pump accessories, usually the wrong type. Where can I get a wheel kit for this particular frame? GoldCrazy2
  3. I need some decent plans for a header box to fit a Jobe 36" sluice box with legs. I will be using a 2" pump. John GoldCrazy2