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  1. This might have fit into another thread but I decided to not "hijack" someones theme... I bought a small Honda 1000 to power my shop vac (crevice cleaner) .. I was going to use it to charge my battery for the Gold Cube pump at the same time. I have added a trommel to the GC so I now so I needed a bigger pump. Twice the energy consumption at 10 amps. Seems the Honda does not know when to stop charging so you can end up overcharging your battery. So, I thought, why not drop the battery and put a AC to DC converter to the pump/trommel? Anyone done this?
  2. Harry Lipke

    Is there really a vein here?

    The old timers did dig there but not to much depth. Maybe 4 or 5 feet. Little "pickers" in their tailings. 4 or 5 grains. I'm thinking they did not go deep enough. Where they did put their adit was in a strange location.... not related to the intersection and no signs of gold in their tailings. They were in bluestone and the area of the intersection has some igneous material.
  3. I discovered a piece of quartz with gold while detecting. Further detecting revealed pieces of quartz with gold every 10 or 15 feet for a distance of maybe 300-400 feet. One containing an ounce of gold. All were found in a straight line and not more than maybe 4 to 6 inches deep. This line was running straight downhill. In digging down to try to uncover a vein of quartz, I find a hard pan layer down about a foot. Not the hardrock I was looking for. No signs of quartz. Why are all these pieces more or less lying at the surface? Does gold ever form like this or is there a vein down there somewhere.?
  4. Harry Lipke

    Is there really a vein here?

    Chris.... all the quartz was found in a straight line running straight down a 52 % slope for a distance of 500 feet and about 10 feet wide(further than I thought). I will add that at top upper end of this "line" is a gold bearing quartz vein that runs perpendicular. But, I can't imagine something bleeding downhill that far without spreading out. It is a very uniform slope. no swales to keep it together.
  5. Harry Lipke

    Is there really a vein here?

    I would say that the "hardpan" is like a hard compressed clay. Can be broken up with a pick. I suspect that it may be several feet to hard bedrock(probably a "bluestone?") Maybe I'll do a little picking. Thanks.
  6. Harry Lipke

    new claim holder

    Better check with the District Ranger before building any road.......
  7. Harry Lipke

    Old stamp mills

    Don't have it yet but will.... It is a 5 stamp and all there.
  8. Harry Lipke

    Old stamp mills

    Just wondering if anyone has rebuild any old stamp mills? If so, any pics?
  9. Harry Lipke

    Old stamp mills

    Yes, Chris, I just meant "function" as "in working order". For viewing only, not to crush ore. I do have a jaw crusher for that. I'll check that link out. Thanks
  10. Harry Lipke

    Old stamp mills

    Be nice to have one for display that actually functions. Not to specs.... just functions.
  11. Harry Lipke

    Virgin Ground to Mine

    I believe at the operation adjacent to Nome, they are removing 50 feet of overburden and 10 feet or so of pay. Mine in the winter, process in summer.
  12. Harry Lipke

    Virgin Ground to Mine

    And what do you do to expose new pay? Where does the overburden go?
  13. Harry Lipke

    Visiting an old ore processing facillity

    Looks like you could throw the switch and it would run! Thanks Leonard.
  14. Harry Lipke

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    What is the mat/moss in... river sluice, highbanker, dredge sluice?
  15. Harry Lipke

    Water Wheel

    Mechanical so it cannot be used for dredging in CA
  16. Harry Lipke

    2016 Gold Prospecting And Mining Summit In Placerville

    Just have to say that the Gold Prospect and Mining Summit in Placerville this past weekend was great and thanks to Scott, his wife and their group for putting it on. Thanks again........... till 2018
  17. Harry Lipke

    Wash plant for mini excavator

    water can be a problem. 2000 gallons wouldn't hardly make a dent in a good sized pond. you need a pretty good sized pond(s) or you'll be running mud in your box. It can be costly too. 2000 gallons delivered locally here(northern CA) is $200
  18. Harry Lipke

    Cleaning Quartz/gold

    No, using bottled spring water. I read on a site for cleaning crystals that if you leave it in acid too long, it may turn yellow. Said to soak in water for a week.
  19. Harry Lipke

    Cleaning Quartz/gold

    One of my boys has a nice quartz/gold specimen that had a lot of rust in/on it. I soaked it in Wink for a week, rinsed it off good, soaked it in baking soda for a couple of days. Rinsed it off good. Was looking nice and white.(and gold...grin) When it dried, it(the quartz) had a greenish yellow color to it... like something had oxidized on it. I washed it off(as soon as the water hit it, the color disappeared) and let it dry again Greenish yellow again. So, I decided to boil it in water and see if that would do it. When it dried, greenish yellow again. What chemical action is going on?
  20. Harry Lipke

    Cleaning Quartz/gold

    After a hour of boiling, the greenish tent is gone now. Just a yellowish tint left. That could be the silver fluoride? Now I just need something to turn the silver fluoride clear Thanks Eric BTW, I am well aware of the dangers of hydrofluoric acid... BAD STUFF!!!
  21. Harry Lipke

    Cleaning Quartz/gold

    Yep, wrong spelling. I thought active ingredient in Whink was hydrofluoric acid? Which doesn't contain any of the chemicals you listed. At least that is what I get from the Whink site? Ok.. I think there two different Whinks. The one you got the info on is a powder. The one I used is a liquid.
  22. Harry Lipke

    Thank You Chickenminer

    sounds like there is material running through it now! Great build.
  23. Harry Lipke

    Small Scale Hard Rock Mining

    Why would you want to mine that? Are you thinking there is gold there?
  24. Harry Lipke

    Post Link?

    Don't know about videos but to post a picture, you click "more reply options" and just attach the file. No need to use a html or photobucket. I just post jpg files. try whatever file the video was produced with?
  25. Harry Lipke

    Back On The Cobb Prospect Fall 2015

    oops... no photo!