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    Hello From Chicken, Alaska

    Oh Ok Steve, She said she talked to him and he gave her some pointers on how to better swing her metal detector and not fatigue herself, It was a big help. Thanks she appreciated it a lot. We talked about buying a claim or two form Gordon but not sure what direction we want to go next summer. Just about all the people we met invited us to mine their claim next year. If you get some free time I would like to send you a private message and get your opinion on some stuff for next year. We are going to buy a travel trailer and spend most of the summer up there for the next few summers. We Can't wait. Thanks Jay
  2. Jay E

    Hello From Chicken, Alaska

    Steve sounds like you had a great time. We just got back for the Chicken Jack Wade area ourselves. We spent three weeks there. We found gold and met a lot of really nice people that invited us back next year to mine on their claims. My wife I should say met them on her nine mile walks down from the mine we stayed at, on Gillilion Creek, to where we mined on the public area some days. I think she talked to you as well. She was the blonde lady with the bear spray, lol. Everyone up there was so nice to us and went out of there way to help us find gold. Our friends we stayed with were finding some gold as well at there mine but were having some equipment problems when we left. They took such good care of us while we were there. I wished I would have slowed down long enough to say high while we were there. I now know that was you I saw walking on the road a couple of times with the metal detector. Next year we want to spend the whole summer up there. Getting a better handle on the overall mining that we do. I had my GPS 4000 with me and never fired it up. Maybe next year we can meet. Jay
  3. My wife and I are headed to Chicken/Jack Wade area in July for three weeks to go mining. We are looking forward to revisiting; it has been about four years since we were last there. We are staying with good friends at their mine. We will be dredging, hi-banking and metal detecting. I don't have my safety training so I won't get to operate the heavy machinery, Darn it. Maybe by next year I can get my safety training done and I can help out more with the mining. Not sure if my wife would go for me being gone all summer but we will see. I am looking forward to the cooler weather in Alaska vs. Oklahoma's hot summer temps. We took all of our equipment to Wisconsin in April so our friends could take it with them when the drove up. They are up and running now but having issues with the lack of water. I can't wait to go!