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  1. Cochetopa

    Salt Cell Technology

    Hi, Chris, I recently read some Internet articles on salt cells providing (hydrogen) power for automobiles. The articles indicated some big auto makers are participating, including Toyota, Ford, etc. The articles go on to say major players are buying up salt mines around the world, notably in South America. Nevada was mentioned also as a commercial source of salt or salt brine concentrate. Has your connection with natural resources and mining as an engineer provided you with any information on this issue? I am wondering if what I read is just hype trying to sucker in investment/speculation money. One of the articles said Warren Buffet has already acquired a stake in salt power and resources. I dunno... Thank you. -Cochetopa, a.k.a. Jim
  2. Cochetopa

    End Of Commodities Bear Market

    Here is Edelson’s gold commodity update: gold’s price is now correcting as expected its first leg up. Weekly support at $1201-ish with major support at $1168. What happens in this first pullback is very important. If gold retreats to $1168, it’s a tremendous buying opportunity. If $1168 holds, the next leg up will see gold soar. Ditto for the price of silver, but more volatile price swings. Expect mining shares to decline sharply, but will take off with vengeance if $1168 holds. The commodity oil is in a trading range after its advance from a low price in the $20’s, but the next major move is expected to be a breakout to $50.
  3. This financial analyst, Larry Edelson, believes the bear market in commodities, and in gold specifically, is coming to an end. For the last four years and throughout all the rallies, Larry has maintained that the price of gold was in a bear market; he cautioned the price of gold was going much, much lower. Edelson now advises that commodities in general will bottom (individually) during the next 5-6 months, after which time a new bull market will follow, which Edelson thinks will last into 2020. http://www.moneyandmarkets.com/ready-74430?ccode=11242015MAM3385MAM&em=cochetopahotmail.com&sc=&ec=#.VlW4NL-tTRI I have followed Larry during the last four years from the sidelines, as the cost of his advisement service is much too pricey for the likes of me. All that time, his mantra never wavered, “Don’t buy gold now.” Gosh, was he criticized for that. As for me, I think Larry’s announcement is good news for all of us who follow the price of precious metals. He has been spot on for the last four years, and I am cautiously anticipating his winning streak will continue. FWIW.
  4. Cochetopa

    Back On The Cobb Prospect Fall 2015

    I very much enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for taking the time to write and include the photograph..
  5. Cochetopa

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    My expectation for the future price of gold will try the patience of the most ardent gold bug: I am looking for sideways to occasional sloppy up movement for a long time, two years to reach $1500, and two more years to hit $2000. However, the gold/commodities pundit at this advisory service, http://www.moneyandmarkets.com believes gold remains in a bear market and wants to see a downward price spike both in gold stocks and the commodity that signals panic selling. The advisor says gold could rise to $1289 before resuming downward price action. He would like to see a drop to $1100 or below before he issues his advice to buy.
  6. The Fed doesn't have Germany's gold anymore, so the FRB gave Germany someone else's gold. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/01/08/cataclysmic-what-you-probably-didnt-know-about-germany-getting-its-gold-back-from-the-federal-reserve/
  7. Cochetopa

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    Hello, My $.02 worth. Everything I have read regarding Goldman Sachs leads me to believe GS never does anything that is not in its own self-interest to make money for themselves. If GS is advising to sell pork bellies, it is because they are buying and want you to sell (to them), thus helping maintain a liquid market. They could be buying because GS analysts see a future bull market in pork bellies and GS wants to acquire inventory, or pork bellies have retreated from a recent high where short positions were established and now GS wants to cover their shorts by inducing you to sell your inventory to them. It’s a very dirty racket and nothing is as it seems. Sincerely, -C
  8. Cochetopa

    The Art Of Dowsing

    Good thread topic. I have been a student of dowsing for the last forty years, and will always consider myself just a student. Most of my training has come from the school of hard knocks and not giving up. My geology training is at the amateur level. I’d like to point out that success does not necessarily have to be measured by the yardstick of a dollar bill. Success is relative. Over cold winter months and using map dowsing techniques, I located a mineral deposit about 60 miles away from home. When the Spring thaw arrived, I drove to check out the location. Using my Estwing, I smacked off a few rock samples from in situ exposures and snatched a couple of loose, grab samples, too. All the material was mailed off for assay. The lab report returned to me confirmed the minerals presence, but not in commercial concentrations. Was my project a failure? This site has no known, similar mineral occurrence anywhere nearby, but there is a college within reasonable driving distance. I asked myself, “Maybe this anomalous deposit would be valuable to the college’s natural sciences department as a field trip and outdoor lab work exercise for students?” I pitched my idea along with a copy of the assay report to the professors and their, “Yes,” reply came back. I forwarded the samples’ GPS locations to the school. Now when I think about it, I chuckle to myself that results from pseudo-science is today being used to instruct some of our nation’s future geologists in their classical scientific training. What a hoot. You might be wondering, “Did the faculty ever ask why I happened to be prospecting in that specific location out of the clear blue?” No, they did not and I haven’t volunteered that detail, either. Let sleeping dogs lie.
  9. Cochetopa

    Alaska 2008

    Back in the 70s, my wife and I lived in Juneau for a couple of years. During one summer while there, the weather service recorded rain on every day for the entire season.
  10. Today, Glenn Beck announced that this book’s author, G. Edward Griffin, will be interviewed on this coming Thursday’s, 7/25/2013, radio program. Glenn Beck’s radio show airs 9am – noon ET weekdays. http://www.glennbeck.com/content/radio/
  11. Cochetopa

    Going Detecting All Summer Long!

    Thanks for the headsup about Globalstar. I have a lead on renting an Iridium for a month, and it seems like a good way for me to gain experience with a more reputable firm than SatellitePhoneStore.com. -Jim
  12. Cochetopa

    Going Detecting All Summer Long!

    "I have used Steve's Sat phone, and I can tell you its an iridium, roughly 5 years old, and that yes, sometimes you have to continually repeat things and sometimes even redial, even though the sky is clear and unobstructed. Its not like a cell phone when you have full signal bars - maybe more like a cell phone with almost no signal bars that cuts in and out. I have another friend with a different sat phone and he experiences a similar situation. Wish I could be of more help, but Steve wont really be back "on the grid" as a daily thing for nearly 2 months. As the thread says - he's out detecting all summer long." Chris, You have been an enormous help to me. Your user experience feedback is exactly what have been hoping to obtain: "more like a cell phone with almost no signal bars that cuts in and out", this is worth more than gold. I wish I had known this a month ago, but at least I know it now. Again, thanks kilos. Jim
  13. Cochetopa

    Going Detecting All Summer Long!

    Steve, Back in April, I asked about your satellite phone because I wanted to get one to talk w/wifey while in the mountains...to let her know I am ok. Can you provide me with more details? What is your service provider, your satellite network, are you satisfied with the service, etc.? Reason I ask is I bought from SatellitePhoneStore.com a IsatPhone Pro Complete Kit that uses the Inmarsat satellite network. I am extremely unhappy about the entire package. The .com business is a customer no-service kind of affair. The voicemail service never has worked at all. The connection breaks up and I am always having to ask wifey to "repeat what you just said", even though I am standing in the middle of a meadow with unobstructed view of the sky. Etc. Any more details would be enormously helpful. Thanks. Jim
  14. Cochetopa

    Smart Money Bullish On Gold

    Hi, friends, Years ago, I considered myself to be an up-and-coming stock market maven. Stock traders have a lot of sayings which are thrown about, and this one which I learned back then has application here. It goes like this, “If you want to know where the price of the commodity gold is headed, look at where the price of gold mining stocks has been.” That is, gold mining stock prices are a leading indicator for significant price moves in the metal itself. I have watched this to be true, and the last gold high price and subsequent move down is an example. I’ve attached two screenshots for illustration: a 5 year chart in the price of gold, and a 5 year chart in the price movement of ticket symbol XAU, an index representing the value of a basket of actively traded gold mining stock shares. The XAU chart shows its high occurred in late 2010, whereas commodity gold hit its high 8 months later. By that time, XAU had performed a triple top of lower highs (very bearish), and its 50-day moving average was showing an obvious downtrend. I don’t believe this pricing behavior is accurate for short term trading, but it’s the one I continue to watch nowadays for reliability. Your mileage may vary. Regards, -C
  15. Cochetopa

    Into Africa

    Hey, Chris, Good luck, man! We'll look forward to your safe return and more details.