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    Using A Trommel

    Thanks I think I meant DWT?
  2. John Mcpherson

    Using A Trommel

    Yep wish I could dredge fer sure.
  3. John Mcpherson

    Using A Trommel

    Alaska range miner. Will try to post a pic soon. I don't think it would work with a dredge feed. I slowed my feed to a 5 gal bucket in 2 minutes and got more gold, but maybe the reason for more gold was better material. It's hard to judge unless you do a better control. The place we are working now gave us a 1 1/2 CWT with about 19 buckets. That isn't much, but we just dug the material, ran it through the trammel, sluiced it and panned it out. It was quick and easy. A person can set up a sluice under the trommel and save a step, but would need to divert more water to the sluice, that would save a step I'm 65 years old so I'm a little slow at digging, but my wife and I are having fun, so it's all great.
  4. John Mcpherson

    Using A Trommel

    My wife and I have been prospecting and mining since I retired 3 years ago and love it. I have two sluice boxes, 6 pans, a metal detector, a blue bowl and now have a small trommel. This is not an advertisment for my trommel. I'm just passing on what I have learned. A good friend of mine called me earlyer this summer and said that he finished building a trommel and asked me if I wanted to go to our favorite spot and try it out. We packed it in and set it up. At first I was not sold on it, because I didn't understand it. When he explained it to me and we set it up I was very impressed. Of course I had to test the overburden for myself. What I found was when I ran 2ea 5 gal. buckets and found good color in the business end and only a flour speck of gold and very little black sand in the overburden, I was sold and have bought one from him and have been having great success with it. It's light weight and only uses one small pump to do it all. I live in California and follow the same guide lines as a person would use with a power sluice. Like I said this is not an advertisement, no names, addressess, just some information as to what I have found and to let fellow miners know that there is a system out there that will make there lifes easier and help them find more gold. If this sounds good to you look for the following. Find one that is light weight, less than 65 pounds, only uses one motor (no batteries to carry), is fast (one 5 gal. bucket in 1 1/2 minutes and has the ability to recover gold with very little loss. Happy hunting. PS hope the extreamest don't see this as I'm sure they will find someway to stop it. Do I sound bitter?