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  1. JR BOI

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    Thanks for the update, glad to hear you are making progress. Let us know when you get into the pay, I hope all your hard work pays off for you! JR
  2. JR BOI

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    Kurt, good to hear from you. Sounds like you got your hands full and a solid plan moving forward. Good luck, look forward to your updates. JR
  3. How fun would this be? Never seen such a contraption but imagine it could be very handy for a small-scale prospector! They are asking $19.5K for it. Very cool!
  4. As a recreational prospector I hope to have a much more productive 2017 summer than last year. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2016, my son was in a nasty car wreck and our summer prospecting was limited to 4 days of dredging. He is fine but it has been a nasty recovery for him the last 6 months. We hope to get out a lot more this year and the heavy snowpack should ensure adequate water for most of the summer/fall. We’re kicking around another trip to Alaska this summer for some dredging but have yet to make any commitments. We’ve got on some decent gold close to home the last couple of summers so it makes it difficult to justify the expense of getting up to Alaska. We’ll keep you posted as the prospecting season approaches. What are your 2017 Plans/Objective?
  5. JR BOI

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    Yeah buddy, youth is a wonderful thing when it comes to prospecting! Good hearing from you, keep us posted. JR
  6. JR BOI

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    Kurt, got to think the weather up there is about to turn if it hasn't already. We didn't hear from you all summer and wanted to see how your project is goin? Hope all is well? JR
  7. JR BOI

    2017 Plans

    Yes, we are associated with some folks that have a state lease on some Elk Creek mineral claims. We've worked it for the last few years but have never really got on a decent pay streak. I think the Elk Creek bottom has been turned over a number of times and that's why I think it would be helpful if I had some insight to the history on how it has been worked. It would be good to hook up but I think we're done for this year as my weekends are booked until the snow flies. That being said, I think it would be hard to make any wages on Elk Creek unless you stumbled onto some ground that hasn't been worked. With regard to Dean, I've met a bunch of folks from the Northern Utah Prospecting association who camp above Elk Creek when they have a club event. I've ran into them two or three times. Not sure if Dean is one of them or not but last time I ran into them they were working claims owned by Puma Mining also on Elk creek. They were running a trammel operation and moving a fair amount of dirt given there were so many of them. In any event, lets keep in touch, JR
  8. JR BOI

    2017 Plans

    Still work on Elk creek albeit a few miles further up from town. Wish I had some better history of the area I'm working as it would likely help my recovery.
  9. JR BOI

    2017 Plans

    Hey Gambrinus, good to hear from you. You know we've only had the dredge out for 4 days once this summer up in the Idaho City area. In the four days We had a total of 16 hrs of dive time on the nozzle with limited success. Picked-up lots of mercury gold. Its been crazy busy for us and we plan to get back up there one more time but the Fire situation and air quality are so nasty we're not sure we'll make it back up. How long have you lived in the Idaho City area?
  10. JR BOI

    Auger Feed System

    907AU, Nice work, that looks very functional.
  11. JR BOI

    2017 Plans

    Rick....I'd say the sampling was successful, very nice! What part of the US are you prospecting? With the snowpack here in Idaho, we won't be able to get near some of our rivers for quite some time. Glad to see your river is accessible. You'll be a busy man this year with 1k feet of stream bed? Will you be using a dredge to prospect I assume?
  12. Good report Dan. I'm in Boise and haven't explored much of the historical mining districts near Baker/Sumpter but it has a lot of cool history. I did manage to get through the gold nugget display at the US Bank branch in Baker City last summer and it was very impressive and certainly worth the time if you are in the area.
  13. I’ve been holding a stock for a number of years called Seabridge Gold (SA). They are a Canadian based gold exploration company whose strategy is to focus on NA deposits and grow reserves ownership on a per share basis. They are not a producer but work to discover deposits and move them to “reserve” status with the hopes of selling their assets to a Major producer either outright or through a JV. Their largest discovery to date is a property called Kerr, Sulphurets and Mitchell (“KSM”) and is located near Stewart BC. They claim it to be the world’s largest undeveloped Gold/copper property. They have devoted millions of dollars exploring their KSM project and now book reserves of 38.2 million ounces of gold and 10 billion pounds of copper. They claim favorable logistics including < 6 cents/kwh hydro about 30 km away and a year round operating seaport in Stewart with a 55 year operating life. They are well into the planning and permit process anticipating a buyout and tout a fully loaded $598/oz operating cost. As I mentioned I’ve been buying into this company for the last 6 years and have watched their stock rise for $3/share all the way to $36 and back to about $11 today. From purely an economic perspective, the numbers are compelling but they have yet to land a buyer or JV partner. I imagine it is due in large part to the $5B estimate it will take to get the mine up and running. Given I’m down here in Boise, I do not hear much about this operation and wondering if any of my buddies up north have any insight on Seabridge Gold, the KSM discovery, or mining activity/support in the Stewart BC area?
  14. JR BOI

    Seabridge Gold (Sa)

    Still riding Seabridge........I see they took an equity stake in a company called Paramount Gold (Nevada based Junior) as a means to increase the value in their Grassy Mountain project. Anyone have any insight on Paramount or the Grassy Mountain project Seabridge is developing?
  15. JR BOI

    First Nugget this year

    Good for you Chris......it's always nice to get gold but the adventure itself is just as fun!
  16. JR BOI

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    Got it, I thought that was the river gravels.......
  17. JR BOI

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    Kurt, I want to see what the gravels look like that you will be pulling out of that thing. From the blog that you have posted, I envision you down on ancient riverbed approaching bedrock? You've mentioned you got to the gravels, but have you also discovered how far down bedrock is under the gravels?
  18. I have to be honest, I’m real disappointed with the lack of activity in these forums over the last 18 months. I still believe the ICMJ website is the best resource for recreational and smaller-scale prospectors but we lost a lot of folks who were very passionate and active in posting. There were feathers ruffled at times but none the less the dialog was solid. I don’t have an answer or ideas for bringing this place back to life but I’d like to challenge folks who may be “lurkers” on the site to come forward and share what your 2017 prospecting plans are going to be about. There are excellent resources on this site and we simply need a little fuel to get things rolling again. Hope to hear from more of you! JR
  19. JR BOI

    2017 Plans

    Chris, at the rate the snow is falling in your neck of the woods, it could be August before you get into the backcountry?
  20. JR BOI

    2017 Plans

    Dredgernaut, impressive trommel that you built. For the dirt we process here in Idaho and most of the dirt we've run through our highbanker, we'd need to have more water flow to clean the material in the hopper. Any way you can push more water through the hopper? Of course it would help the flow through the sluice box as well. Good luck. JR.
  21. Yeah boys, you can't let these forums die as it would be a shame that one of the foremost publications for prospecting doesn't have an arena for prospectors to meet, trade ideas and gain insight. I'm glad you guys have decided to take another run at it. Maybe you look for some outside perspective as a means to generate more traffic, i.e., great use of social media platforms, direct linkage in your publications to forum content, maybe a classified forum for selling of used recreational prospecting equipment etc. Maybe it's time for some benchmarking across other industry publications to see what they have done to drive traffic in their forums? Please let your readers know if there is anything we can do to help.
  22. JR BOI

    Hello All

    Wow, nice work Dredgernaut!..........you better be eating your Wheaties before operating that thing as it looks like it will eat buckets for lunch!
  23. JR BOI

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    Kurt.....glad to hear you finally got to the bottom of that thing! I was wondering how you are going to protect the shaft from filling up during the winter? I realize it will be inevitable that you will get moisture inside but what type of steps will you take to minimize it so that you can hit the ground running again in the spring?
  24. JR BOI

    2016 At Cobb

    Kurt, Glad to see you back buddy, I had really missed your updates. Sounds like you had a productive winter and I'm happy to hear you are making progress. Keep up the good fight.....oh yeah, be careful as well! JR
  25. JR BOI

    Back On The Cobb Prospect Fall 2015

    Good update Flint, keep'em coming........the crazy stuff we do for gold, glad I'm not the only one!