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    Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour

    Photos to follow.
  2. Michael Valadez

    Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour

    I have a Summit Mining Pro 14" Trommel for sale. Very good condition. Upgraded to chain drive from belt drive. Custom Angus MacKirk sluice. FOB Shipping Point - i.e you have to pick it up in Grovetown, GA. Photo is not an actual photo of my trommel, although it is nearly identical. Price is $4k firm. Serious inquiries only. mdv
  3. Michael Valadez

    Wash plant for mini excavator

    We have a "large" mini-Excavator and we have a major problem with large rocks and large mud/clay balls, 6" - 10" in diameter entering our 30" trommel resulting in a jams/stoppages. We are trying to come up with a vibrating grizzly system like Angus Mackirk or Heckler. I guess we really need a larger trommel but we are too far in financially to abandon the one we have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P7O-s1-fJU