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  1. Geowizard. What you say is true for the existing GPRs that you know about! What I have is totally different in most all ways. Someday I may be able to share more details. The only one prototype unit I have, in existence, is still in R&D. We need to do more field testing and accumulate more documented history of performance before becoming public.

    Do you have a hard rock mine we could do some testing in?

    Polling? Doesn't seem like I have any responses yet. What is it worth to you if I could find 100+ oz. of gold for you that you didn't know you have been walking past every day in your mine tunnel?

  2. Computers have given us the capability to analyze huge amounts of data quickly, to make comparisons between collected raw data input with advanced collection methods, and to display results in near real time. This will give prospectors & miners the ability to perform many tests per day in the field. When the target area being tested is confined and controlled then small minute differences within the data collected becomes apparent where current GPR is to broad and uncontrolled and at best you might see some "contrast" but cannot discern any more that that.

  3. All responses are accurate as current configured GPR systems don't work.  Simple physics makes it impossible.  One of the pieces of equipment that was tested, with good results, at the 16:1 Mine in Alleghany I am currently evaluating.  It is a new design that overcomes the operational shortcomings of current available GPR equipment.  With further testing we may be able to detect specific minerals and metals by their signatures within their home environment.  Currently am looking for varied environments to do further testing, so someday we may call it a metal detector too.

  4. When I referred to seeing radar, or something like it, being used on Gold Rush it was on a special episode on another miner in Alaska, not the main cast. And I won't put down anyone for trying as they have.

    I don't knock the old tried and true methods, they are good. But let's not ignore imagination and fail to explore and test new ideas or methods.

    Like has anyone use drones for maping or photography? What was your experience?

  5. I don't know much about GPR.  Just saw it used on Gold Rush and googled GPR and saw many responses.  Asking if anyone out there has more knowledge than me on this topic and would care to share some?


    If an EDXRF (Energy Dispersive X Ray Flourescense) machine can decipher metals (by sight) why can't a radar (by energy waves) do the same?


    My poll asks the value the market would pay if someone could develop this type of system. 

  6. Chris.  I understand the need for any business to protect its source of revenue and your main source is advertising dollars.  I understand the form is not a place to advertise your own product or services.  You have a fine magazine and I am not knocking it.  I love reading it each month.

  7. Yes Sampson.  Unfortunately the desire for advertising fees by this Journal trump open discussion about specific equipment (brand names and models disclosed) that we have or may consider buying.  What is needed is a Consumer Reports for Mining Equipment where equipment costs, benefits, advantages, dis-advantages, recommendations, testimonies can be openly discussed and information exchanged between miners. 

  8. Very interesting. I knew nothing of the man but spent many years earning a living Hydroseeding which uses his nozzel invention to shoot seed fertilizers and mulch over 200 ft from our trucks. Good cost effective invention.

    An article on inventions that improved society in general from gold pan mining engineers would be a good read. Inventions like the telegraph and Pelton wheel to name two. Does anybody know of others?

  9. If I had my choice, which I believe I do, which State in the Union would be best to establish a new corporation?


    Which State offers the best tax advantages?


    What other things are there to consider?


    I will be prospecting in several states.  What it the best state to set up a Home Office in?


    Have any of you had to consider these questions?


    What is your experience or knowledge?