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    FreeGoldFanatic reacted to Mr.Green in Extract Mercury From Gravel!   
    This is a test and I will show you what happend if your material contain mercury while you run it through this machine.
    I think it is abit amazing, you could actually clean contaminated grounds while capturing gold.
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    FreeGoldFanatic reacted to Sampson Resouces in Does Anyone Here Actually Hard Rock Mine?   
    Hey everyone, please don't feel disrespect by my post here.  I am reaching out for any member who runs a hard rock mine.  I have asked a lot of questions on this forum and had some good advice too.  UNFORTUNEATLY I have also been given and read incorrect facts on this site that members have posted.
    First of all I'm obviously not an admin to this site, but I ask as a group lets not answer questions if we don't truly know the correct answers, or maybe; be more clear that what you are stating is your opinion or idea.
    I am in the middle of getting my own hard rock mine into small production.  As any of you may know from experience this a VERY VERY bumpy road from every aspect of this industry; thus why so many of us have failed before.  I am really looking to connect with an individual, or individuals who has successfully been down the path I have chosen.  I am NOT asking someone to hold my hand,  but just someone who would be willing to talk to me on a personal level and educate me on some of your own experiences in dealing with different entities, equipment, problems and successes related to running a hard rock mine.  Please share your knowledge with me I am a very active learner and will not take an opportunity to talk with you for granted.
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    FreeGoldFanatic got a reaction from Sampson Resouces in Ebay Chinese Jaw Crusher   
    Yes Sampson.  Unfortunately the desire for advertising fees by this Journal trump open discussion about specific equipment (brand names and models disclosed) that we have or may consider buying.  What is needed is a Consumer Reports for Mining Equipment where equipment costs, benefits, advantages, dis-advantages, recommendations, testimonies can be openly discussed and information exchanged between miners. 
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    FreeGoldFanatic reacted to RotGrub in Plp: Is This Org Really Helping?   
    I share the same frustrations we are seeing here and on other sites regarding our fight against the radical environmentalists. We’re getting our ass kicked. I do not however, in any way intend to diminish the hard work of PLP, The Blue Ribbon Coalition, The Congressional Sportsmen Foundation, Pacific Legal Foundation and many others who are fighting for our rights while over 90% of the outdoorsmen community do nothing more than bitch on their forum(s) of choice. However, I suggest that we step back and look at the bigger issues.
    First, if it is not obvious that laws, science and commonsense hold little value to our opposition then you’re really not paying attention.
    Second, we need to understand our enemy: what are their motives, beliefs, structure and primary targets; are their tactics successful and predictable?     
    What we’re up against is 40+ years of socialist ideology that infiltrated our schools, government agencies and court systems to institute their collectivism ideology.  This minority has successfully changed or at least bent our culture and heritage as Americans to a point that their boldness is no longer concealed. Law and science is now commonly defined by their attorneys, judges and lap-dog media outlets. To continue as-is, we lose.
    Their leaders know this and are working hard to accelerate their schedule. They also know we are the majority and their biggest fear is that somehow we unite and organize before their generations of zombies overrun the dwindling authority of our elders. Soon the American Heritage will die out if we continue as we are, and their generation will rule America.
    Fact: All outdoorsmen have the same enemy; which uses the same tools and techniques against each of us to achieve their goals; The Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, Executive orders that grant the EPA the authority to create and enforce regulations without congressional oversight, and radical law firms that bully underfunded government agencies to accept their ideology.
    What if we united and organized all outdoorsmen: Hunters, Fishermen, Miners, OHV & ATV Users, Mountain Bikers, Kayakers, Rafters, Treasure Hunters, Backpackers and all other outdoorsmen into one force and focused our efforts to defeating the core of our enemy? 
    This is our goal; to unite and organize the biggest voting and economic sector in the US; the Outdoorsmen. Unfortunately we are still fragmented, bickering and working against each other; by design…  
    I envision a union of outdoorsmen bound by a common enemy and specific goals to ensure our access and use of Public Lands. This vast union comprised of 1/3 of the voting population which generates over 500 billion annually shall match or exceed the resources of the environmentalists' giving us the advantage to restore our American Heritage.
    I call this union Wilderness Nation and have been quietly working for the past two years to implement this movement. We have massive databases that collect every outdoorsmen organization across the nation by user-group and are in the process of completing the economic impact and voter significance of the outdoorsmen community.  The business plan is complete, the branding, website and forums are 90% complete and the strategic relations are being arranged.
    For additional information please PM me as further discussion would not be appropriate on this public forum.   
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    FreeGoldFanatic reacted to Clay in Plp: Is This Org Really Helping?   
    You might want to take a closer look at Mountain States Chris. They are involved in a lot of cases so the mining cases may be a little hard to find in there but they are truly significant. Here are a few of the more significant cases affecting miners directly.
    Minard Run II 
    This is possibly the most significant mining case{s) in the last 20 years. The Forest Service denied Minard their right to the benefit of their mineral estate underlaying a Weeks Law Forest in Pennsylvania.
    The Forest service tried to do an end run around Minards rights by making a bogus "settlement" with a greenie organization when the group sued the Forest Service to stop them from approving Minards notice. The Forest Service did not want to approve the notice and collaborated with the greenie group to make a quick agreement to block Minard rather than hear the case in court. Sound familiar?
    Pay attention to how the courts slapped down those sort of sweetheart "settlements" and then went on to spank the Forest Service for even thinking Minard had to get their approval to access their property.
    This case has been written about extensively and is the subject of many papers on mining. Here is a taste from Harvard Law Review:
      =================================================   ENO v. SALAZAR   I know you are familiar with Donald Eno and his Houndog claim. He continued on since his win and MSLF is supporting him in his efforts to get compensation for his expenses.   =================================================   THE NEW 49'ERS v. KARUK TRIBE OF CALIFORNIA   No Mystery here. A solid mining permitting case well known to your readers. MSLF entered the case on behalf of North West Mining Assoc.   =================================================   PENNACO ENERGY, INC. v. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY   Whether a State, under the EPA, can set water quality standards for mining that are greater than existing water quality.   (The answer is NO)   =================================================   MULLIKIN V. SALAZAR   Whether the BLM can void a mining claim due to their own loss of the required filings.   The BLM "lost" these miners annual filings and closed their claims.   =================================================   McMASTER v. UNITED STATES  
    Whether the BLM and Forest Service can declare that structures on a mining patent are the property of the US.   =================================================   MARSTON v. U.S. FOREST SERVICE   Can the forest service bulldoze existing shafts on a current mining claim?   The Forest Service settled out of court by paying the Marstons $245,206 in compensation and damages.   =================================================   MANN v. UNITED STATES   Can the BLM cancel a mineral lease because the lessee did not respond to a notice that was never sent to him.   =================================================   DIMITROV v. NORTON   Whether a federal regulatory agency may avoid observance of federal law and void small mining claims?   =================================================   NORTHWEST MINING ASSOCIATION v. SALAZAR   Opposing the million acre mineral closure outside the Grand Canyon park.   =================================================   CABOOSE MINING COMPANY v. U.S. FOREST SERVICE
    Refusal to allow maintenance of an existing grandfathered mining access road.
    So there are eleven cases Mountain States represented in that are all solid mining issues and all arguably have a direct effect on miners and mining rights in the United States. Most of these cases are about individual or small miners. There are more mining cases in there if you look around.
    A lot of their cases are about land and water access. Several relate directly to the incursions by the EPA through the Clean Water Act. I think the dredgers in Idaho will appreciate the foundation in law that has been established by MSLF if they have problems with the EPA's bogus and illegal "small miners dredge permit".
    You might have other issues with MSLF but I think if you take a close look you will find they are probably the most active and effective organization helping small miners fight unjust government intrusion.
    My point is that PLP is not the only organization that helps small miners. There are choices and some of them, like Mountain States Legal Foundation have been very effective.
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    FreeGoldFanatic got a reaction from Geowizard in Lode Vs. Placer ?   
    Thank you Geowizard for your response.
    In a forum we share information freely for the benefit of all.  Please don't get defensive when challenged.  My best boss often told me "prove it" when I gave him information without any supporting facts.  From him I learned from him to take less things at face value.  After all miners are always trying to prove it is there or not.  Aren't we?
    Your comments are educating, informative and welcomed.
    Thanks again.
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    FreeGoldFanatic got a reaction from Got the bug in Lode Vs. Placer ?   
    Definition clarification:What is a correct definition on a Lode mining claim?What is a correct definition of a Placer mining claim?It would seem that the answer is easy and straight forward but consider this:If I have a lode claim that covers some dry river wash and an adjoining hillside and someone else files a placer claim over my Lode claim;1. What area can they legally work?2. Can they work any land in my claim if "I was there first"?3. Can I state that the fine gold, 200 mesh minus fine, in the dry river wash is gold that washed off of the hillside and has come from a lode ore body and therefore is considered lode, even if it is in the dry river wash.4. Can the new comer go up on the hillside and work the soil, without crushing anything, and claim that they are capturing the 200 mesh minus gold therefor they have placer mining rights on my lode claim?5. When can free gold in lode mining claim area be considered placer gold?6. Is free gold always considered placer gold?Thank you to all who help me answer these questions.