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  1. Doc, glad to see you here! For those that do not know Doc, he is a straight shooter and will not steer you in the wrong direction. He has done more evaluation on different mats than probably anyone out there. Granted, he is biased towards his own products, but rightly so. He will tell you the way it is, good or bad, about his products. He won't talk down another manufacturer but will demonstrate to you so you can make your own INFORMED decisions. An asset to our community for sure. No, I don't sell his products...but I do use them!
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    Welcome to all

    Chris- Yes, I am currently working in Cambodia. I will write up something in the near future. Some of the best parts will have to be editted out because of my confidentiality agreement with the concession owner.
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    Welcome to all

    Unfortunately, it looks like it was all lost. The real losers are all of the people who could have gleaned a LOT of information from the site. I have an old backup of the site from before I sold it, but it is in an old format and I am not sure I could publish it if I wanted to...legally.
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    Welcome to all

    I didn't see another category, so I guess this is the place to post. Thank you ICMJ for starting a forum. I know it is a lot of work, and a work in progress....but a big THANKS!