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  1. I am interested in possibly claiming some mine dumps of past producing gold mines on Public Lands but have a couple of questions. 1) Placer or Lode Claim? Reviewing the definitions of claims by the BLM, seems that mine dumps should be claimed as Placer claims and not Lode Claims. 2) Placer Claim over an Exhisting Lode Claim? Can I establish a placer claim a the dump if someone else has establish a lode claim that runs through the dump? What are things to consider for these scenarios?
  2. Hello All, I am working out the details for 40 yard an hour washplant for my gold project here in Colorado. I am going to be dismantling old workings of past producing gold mines, The gold is very fine with very little clays, yet some black sands. I can capture the gold from my sample pits well enough in my Gold Cube; sluice not as well. Looking to price out and piece together the plant; its seems a jig or a centrifuge would work best to capture the fine gold with gravity. Does anyone have experience with both techniques and could provide insight?
  3. Hi All, There has been a lot of talk on magnometers lately in the Journal. I have been looking to rent one for a week and survey some prospects, about 400 acres(not continuous). Seems that there are many companies that will rent magnometers. I am not sure which one would suit my needs. Basically, trying to follow black sands. I would also like to compare claims that are separated by 15 miles. -Is there a way one can compare the readings from two separate plots and determine which ground is has more black sands. -How long does it take to survey a 20 acre placer claim with a walking unit? -Supposedly, there are pay streaks at 4 and 14 for level. Is there. Way to detect that ? Can anyone recommend a model? Many thanks, Peter
  4. I have been prospecting a deposit that is a fossilized sand placer containing gold. I dug a couple of trenches and have run several yards - The material comes out to about $8 a yard from a sluice. Historical records suggest $17 yards. Is this something worth considering to mine?
  5. Hi All, I appreciate all the though into this. Just finished up my season of sampling the property. Dug many pits with an excavator and sampled away. In-fact - found areas as rich as $40 per yard. Proved to myself that the property has value and merit. In the process of securing the permits for next year and planning on the drilling of a well. Stay tuned for my bombardment of recovery questions is future posts in this forum.
  6. Eric, Thanks for your reply. I understand the sluicing process - but seems that there are better recovery methods such as Humphrey Spirals, cylones, mineral jigs, centrifuges etc. Water will be an issue and seems that recovery systems that can economize on water should be employed. I am curious if you have input on these methods or why theses method are not good. I assume that cost is the biggest issue. -Peter
  7. Chris, Thanks for your reply. I am just an amateur prospector learning the ropes. Been looking for good ground in the lower 48 for the last 7 years. But it seems that sand deposits of lower grade could be economic because of the ease of access and quantity of material.
  8. I am reviewing the economic feasibility of some placer ground. The ground is a mineral sands deposit with gold and Rare Earth Elements (Monazite and Xenotime). Is it feasible to sell the REE product if the operation can produce tons of REE concentrate?
  9. Hi All, I know there are other posts on the subject of pumps however, I cannot not find the info I need. I am looking to purchase a 2 inch pump for my mining project, planning on using 2x 300 Gallon horse troughs in series. The first trough used to settle and the second one to supply the pump. 1) Will a semi trash pump work? or do I need a full trash pump? 2) Is there a brand people recommend? Many thanks in advance. -Peter
  10. Geowizard, A guess a simpler question. If I have a REE enriched concentrate. Are there refiners that buy the product? Do you know any folks that do this? Where should I start my market investigation?
  11. Peter Freedman

    Federal Mining Claims And Water Rights?

    Did more research into this. I did not not realize there was a water court for Colorado. I contacted them and they gave me the basic options. https://www.courts.state.co.us/Courts/Water/Index.cfm . In my case it will be more economic to have a paid water truck come to the site, then to go through the motions of a permit. Which can be lengthy.
  12. Is anyone familiar with the issue of water rights and mining claim? If I have a mining claim with a stream running through it; can I legally collect water to support other nearby mining claims?
  13. I am looking at a gold claim deep in the mountains of Colorado that hasn't been touched in over a 100 years. There appears to be abundant turquoise in the tailings. 1) Is this in fact turquoise? or is it some copper sulfate compound? 2) Would having tailings of this material be of any value? eg. worth the effort to remove from the tailings? Thanks, Peter
  14. Thanks Bob, I appreciate your response. -Peter
  15. I am having some access issues to my claims which are on Forest Service in Colorado. I used to have a key to a locked gate. However my lock has been removed. Now I can;t access my claim. Seems that the owner wants to do a large reclamation funderd by the EPA on her property. I contacted to the owner of the land - and they do not want me to have access. Its my understanding that preventing access to my claims is illegal; especially on roads that were used to service ore in the past. Any suggestions? Talk with the sheriff? Just add another lock to the chain? Anyone had a similar experience. Just don;t want enemies in the woods. -Peter
  16. Thanks Clay, I Actually resolved by having a good conversation with the owner of the parcel. Interestingly, I talked with the county road people; they would ensure that I would get access only at the cost of removing the gate all together. They maintain a Forest Service Map from 1908 - roads established to claims prior have automatic right of way. But then I would lose a gate to the claim; which having a gate is preferred. Peter
  17. However, have documentation that the site was used prior to 1906. Which complies with Colorado right of access rules, which apply to ore moved off of property prior to 1906.
  18. I purchased the rights in Nov. 2013 - The seller had the rights for the previous 2 years. The prior owner, whom owned most of the surrounding patents; owned the rights of the claims for at least 20 years. Unfortunately, the gentleman who owned the rights passed away and thus the claims became available. Which I obtained.
  19. Peter Freedman

    Federal Mining Claims And Water Rights?

    Wow great info. Thanks for such good insight. My claims are in Colorado on FS land. Geowizard, what is the quick low down on how to research water rights on my claims? Is there a government website I can do my research.
  20. Peter Freedman

    Federal Mining Claims And Water Rights?

    Clay, Thanks for your response. I will have to do a bunch more research on this. Will let you know how it goes. -Peter
  21. Hi all, I am getting ready for the upcoming season here in the Colorado. I want to do some testing on my claims. I just purchased a small test plant from Larry Neff. I am trying to recover very fine gold. I need to source the following and would love to hear recommendations. Obviously, price is an issue.... 1) I need a 2 inch pump for my test plant - can anyone recommend a brand or model that would work with the murky demands of a recirculated muddy water? 2) I am looking for water basins to use with the plant - ideal test size will be from 1-3 yards. How many gallons tanks do i need? 300 or more? Do I need 2 tanks, one to drop the sediment and the other to pump back to the plant (in series) 3) Is there an inexpensive way to auger out the tail material from the plant and keep the water? Talked with Larry - he mentioned that one person would need to continuously clear the first basin. Would love to have an a device to clear the tails from the tank.... Maybe I am dreaming... Many thanks, Peter
  22. Peter Freedman

    Jig Or Centrifuge For Flour Gold Project?

    Geowizard, This is awesome. By chance do you know one would factor in slope for volumetric computation? My piles are on the side of a hill. _peter
  23. Peter Freedman

    Jig Or Centrifuge For Flour Gold Project?

    Geowizard, Thanks for the sage advise. I agree completely. Can anyone recommend a way to calculate tonnage of material from an ore dump?
  24. Peter Freedman

    Jig Or Centrifuge For Flour Gold Project?

    Chickenminer, The gold is mostly, 80 mesh or greater. Easy to see in the pan - but just small; yet plentiful.