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  1. Randall S

    The Gravity Method

    Chris, Geowizard mentioned the use of a Pendulum and I was wondering if he was referring to the Kater pendulum as seen here:http://www.telatomic.com/mechanics/kater_pendulum.html. Hey at that price I have been tempted to get one as even a used Lacoste is a wee bit out of my range. Problem with the Kater for field use you'd have to encase it in an encloser to keep the wind and dust out plus make sure it is perfectly level. I do like the counter accessory though. But this was the only method that was available before they came out with the modern Gravitometer. Randy
  2. Randall S

    Seismic Method

    Here is a great set of tutorials from Geometrics.
  3. I just bought the Bison 500 which will be a wee bit of a step up from my little single geophone "Pocket-Seis"by Nimbus (now defunct). I was wondering if anyone on here has any words of wisdom about this particular model that I should be aware of. Fortunately the guy I bought it from is the original owner so I get all the manuals,12 geophones and all the cables which is why I bought it. Thanks, Randy
  4. Randall S

    Magnometer To Survey 400 Acres Of Placer Ground?

    Also with the single proton magnetometer that Geowizard speaks of the magnetic material could be a couple hundred feet down so of no use to you. I would rent a dual proton magnetometer since it uses the one side as a reference it's range is much shorter if I remember correctly. Randy
  5. Randall S

    Blind Bedrock Profiling

    Bob, Before you get the physical exercise,see if you can find someone with a White's GMT with preferably the Sierra Max coil and run that around your claim taking measurements of the black sand. It'a a poor mans Proton Magnetometer but I have used mine over the years with dead on accuracy. I do own a Geonics Proton Mag. but only use it when I'm looking at depths far deeper to 200 ft. or so. The GMT,the New Fisher Gold Bug Pro (MUCH more sensitive than the GMT)or the Teknetics T2 will all do the job. Here's another piece of advice, in the summer look for ant hills and take the dirt off the top and have send it in to an assayer or if you can't afford that there are inexpensive test kits out there that you can do the job yourself (look at some of the prospecting supply stores listed in the ICMJ advertisers index like Keene or whomever). Hope this helps and save you back and shoulders man. They're a diminishing resource as we get older. I know and have the surgery scars to prove it . Randy Seden-Desert Rat in good standing.
  6. Thanks Clay for the excellant explanation! Randy
  7. Rockcrawler88, What was the reason for it being shot down? Was it a matter of a party line vote? As a former resident of Idaho and a miner this is disconcerting to me (Idaho is on my list of places to retire to as I love the people there). Randy Seden Simi Valley,CA.
  8. In this months Engineering & Mining Journal there's a nice editorial about Northern Dynasty's Pebble Mine. Several High placed officials have put pressure on the EPA regarding their Regulatory overeach. If you're interested in reading this go to Google and type in the title which is :"Regulatory Overreach Disregards Due Process" by Editor Steve Fiscor. Let's hope this works out soon for you miners in Alaska, Randy Seden I was going to post the URL link but if I understand the Forum Rules that is not permitted. It's the first hit on Google anyway so no loss.
  9. I just saw a Bison 12 channel Seismograph with all the accessories on ebay for 5K complete with all the accessories. There are 18 hours left to bid on this. At this time I do not have the capital to jump on this and it's killing me. But I wanted to let you know about it before it times out today. The url: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=151243652145&ssPageName=ADME:B:BODO:US:1 Randy Seden Simi Valley,CA