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    Gold prospecting. Is there anything else?
  1. I use swimming pool clarifier to settle fines. Works good just keep suction off of the bottom or you just re-circulate mud. By the way it's cheap.
  2. Robert Carter

    Anyone Use A Rocker Box?

    In the 50's, while living in Arizona I bult a rocker box exactly like the one in the prospectors handbook except I built it with a hopper with a spray bar and used 1/2 inch washplant screen for a classifier. I mechalnized it with a shaker arm and ran it with a one horse gas engine through an eccentric at about 160 shakes a minute. I used a separate 1 inch water pump for recirculation. I split a 55 gal metal drum lengthwise and laid them in the creek end to end joined with a plastic pipe. The suction hose was placed in the downside half. I also welded baffels in the barrel halves so most of the tailings had settled before the suction inlet. I Used canvas for the apron with a 2 inch pocket. I tested it by putting 25 #6 lead shot in a 5 gallon bucket of creek material and got 24 on the apron and one on the first riffle. In actual operation 99% of the gold was caught on the apron and none was found when I panned the tailings. The gold I recovered was coarse with some attached quartz along with fines. I could work all day with 4 barrels of water. I never measured how much dirt it could process but I do know that after a full day of picking and shoveling it never got overloaded and I was worn out. Weighing about 75 lb. it took two guys to get it around. Gold was $35 oz. so it was mostly a fun thing. I think one fabricated of aluminum would be more practical.
  3. Robert Carter

    Fly Rod & Reel Article On Suction Dredge Mining

    Yeah it's funny when fishermen and the Karuk tribe catch and kill hundreds of thousands of fish while videos of dredgers show them releasing food for them to eat.