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  1. Rick N

    2017 Plans

    JR. on the Mother lode in Northern California. Wife and I plan on holding this claim for some time so no hurry. No dredge as very little overburden and all slate bedrock so crevicing will be the order of the day. I attempted to use a gravity dredge but don't have enough drop for it to work.
  2. Rick N

    2017 Plans

    I've got 36 acres claimed this year with over 1k feet of seasonal streambed to work, all slate bedrock. First sampling of a crevice above streambed.
  3. Geology of the area? Carlin deposit or?
  4. Rick N

    Bedrock Sniping for 2017

    Decided to pull a claim, working slate bedrock in seasonal creek for obvious reasons this year. Area was worked in the 1850's but not during the 20's based on stacked rocks / trash. Have over 1000 ft of creek to work plus hilltop with quartz seams. Only been metal detecting since I began chasing au in 2012 so all new to me. Watched videos put out by Two Toes on YouTube, very good information. Able to crevice or snipe. Picked a slate seam to work just above the current water level so still has some water in it as I clear out the debris. Using new crevice tool and bulb sucker. Can't get URL to load images. Less than .01g I would guess, nice looking gold. Worked a section about 3' feet long. Unsure if larger gold is still in there but the size of the sucker tube prevents getting anything larger than 1/4" out. Have mix of fresh gold and some old gold, mostly fresh. Plan is to go across streambed to check for same on other bank to determine where to look upstream for source of new gold.
  5. Rick N

    Processing Tailings

    From my experience it is better to have a jaw crusher before the chain mill. I have a 10" chain mill that can process faster than my jaw crusher which is rated at 400 lbs per hour. I'm speaking of quartz ore.
  6. Rick N

    Crushing And Milling

    Ball mill? Sample the ore inside and under the unit.
  7. Rick N

    Rye Patch Gold

    Was a member of the Western States Prospectors but found we like to be off by ourselves. They have some claims but not sure where. While with them at an outing we got the word that the big lode claim holders didn't mind placer hunters on their claims.
  8. Rick N

    Rye Patch Gold

    Roughwater, still getting the ATX figured out. Finding small shot with it but so far no gold. Always wanting to grab the GB 2 because of weight and frustration. Still in the mid 30's overnight there so may wait for warmer overnights. We just had a front move through so it may still be a little wet to the east of us.
  9. Rick N

    Rye Patch Gold

    Thinking of heading over to RP this weekend. Haven't done my research since going there with the WPA so will need to location a section to go work. Any suggestions? I know it has been hit hard but I'm still looking for that first nugget with my APX. GB 2 will be swinging as well. Nice nuggets Terry.
  10. GB 2, still looking for my first with the ATX.
  11. Rick N

    Small Scale Hard Rock Mining

    Eric, jaw crusher is rated at 400 pph, impact mill can keep up now with the new waterfeed but the 1 hp motor overheats easily. Just purchased a 6.5 hp gas motor to replace the electric motor. Gold Cube after screening to minus 20.
  12. Rick N

    Small Scale Hard Rock Mining

    So, just ran one 5 gallon bucket (40 lbs) of randomly selected ore. Roughly .4 grams AU. Good, bad or ugly? Hoped for more as usual but would you move forward with this result? Test more or just set up and get going? Most was in the minus 20 +30 range. Bunch in the 200 mesh size but out of my range to collect.
  13. Rick N

    Small Scale Hard Rock Mining

    Your location would be helpful. Have you confimed there is gold? Have you researched the mining history of the area? On the surface, pick it up and crush. If you find gold, either follow it on the surface or follow it down. Any structure to the reef?