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    Rick N got a reaction from JR BOI in 2017 Plans   
    JR. on the Mother lode in Northern California. Wife and I plan on holding this claim for some time so no hurry. No dredge as very little overburden and all slate bedrock so crevicing will be the order of the day. I attempted to use a gravity dredge but don't have enough drop for it to work.
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    Rick N got a reaction from JR BOI in 2017 Plans   
    I've got 36 acres claimed this year with over 1k feet of seasonal streambed to work, all slate bedrock. First sampling of a crevice above streambed.
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    Rick N reacted to Reno Chris in More than one way to make money prospecting   
    There is more than one way to make money prospecting. Leasing out prospective claims to mining companies is a subject I have written about in the ICMJ and also in my book on prospecting. People have made big money doing this - a lot more than this check. Its a serious effort.
    I am publishing this check with critical areas blanked out for security reasons. I also altered the colors of the check, the company who issued it is out of business and I am guessing there is no significant money that is left in their account. So all things considered, I figure its safe to show. As one can see from the date, the issue was two years ago in 2015. I'll get my 2017 payment in a few weeks from a different company.

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    Rick N got a reaction from Clay in Help With Claim Location   
    Thanks Clay. I have a BLM document in front of me but I got crosseyed trying to figure out how to write that.